My Post Wedding Mission

Nearly every bride agonizes over the same thing after her wedding… how can I figure out a way to wear this dress again?

Sentimental brides will preserve their dress in the hopes that a daughter will one day walk down the aisle in it.

Ambitious brides will alter the dress into a short version but let’s be honest, unless you had a really simple dress, that doesn’t really make the dress appropriate and the chances of you actually wearing it are still very low.

Creative brides might take the dress and turn it into something completely different: curtains, pillowcases, silk linings, etc. These brides are either very brave or don’t like their wedding dress as much as I do.

I decided that I would wear my dress while cleaning my house. Not only would I be happy to wear the dress again, but maybe it would make household chores more enjoyable! Sadly, my dress is currently living at my parents house so I haven’t been able to start this fun tradition.

But last night while watching the SAG awards, I came up with another idea – I should become an actress, get invited to a red carpet premiere and wear my dress. I think it would go over well. I might have to dye it, but that could be a fun adventure.

Red Carpet Ready?

I can almost see myself strutting down the red carpet in this dress, pausing to answer questions from the E! reporter and waving to my adoring fans.

Here are a few previously worn red carpet dressed that seem similar my wedding dress style.

Naya Rivera (2012 SAGs)


Eva Longoria (2011 SAGs)
Lea Michele (2011 SAGs)


 Time to start auditioning!

The Power of Being a Bridesmaid

This past weekend I had my first experience as a bridesmaid. I will be honest, while I was very honored to be asked to share this special day with my college roommate, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Well let me tell you, it was awesome. I am ready to become a bridesmaid full-time. I am not sure what Katherine Heigl’s problem was in the movie 27 Dresses.

The day began with 5 hours in the hair salon. This probably sounds like an awful experience, however with mimosas, bagels, coffee and gossip magazines things can ONLY be good. I have limited experience with hair styling; it would be a good day if I did something other than a ponytail. Because I was always swimming, I never felt like the efforts of blow drying my hair were ever worth it… in a few short hours I would be tucking my hair underneath my cap and diving into the pool again… So, it was a great think that my hair stylist had the creative insight to think of something to do with my tresses.

When I originally received my dress, it was a little tight. I then spend the next few weeks obsessing that I wasn’t going to be able to get my dress zipped up on the day of the wedding. I had this vision of myself walking down the aisle on the big day, with the front of my dressing looking ok, but the back being unzipped and my back hanging out. But when I put the dress on, a took a deep breath and my friend zipped it up all the way.  I don’t think I took another breath until the end of the wedding.

The ceremony was beautiful and I felt so honored to be standing up next to the happy couple. It gave the entire wedding experience a whole new feeling. I was a part of their vows, a witness to the awesome promise that they made to each other. Their happiness became my happiness and we all walked out of the church with huge smiles on our faces.

During the reception, we were instructed to create a 25 second dance move to go along with our grand entrance into the room. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have exactly one dance move: jumping. And to make things worse, the groomsman that I was paired up with was a 19-year-old, 6’4″ boy who wasn’t the world’s best dancer either. Well, after much thinking and not much result, we finally came up with something. Matt’s friends do a move called “the jump rope” where they “swing” a pretend jump rope and have people jump/dance in it. Let me tell you, it is a huge crowd pleasure at the bars, so I thought it would be an even bigger crowd pleaser at a wedding. Well, I was certainly correct. I am confident that we kicked the wedding off to a good start. Who would have thought that Matt would have delivered me a winning dance move.

As the evening progressed and the dance floor heated up, I experienced the awesome power of the bridesmaid dress. I could dance in the middle of the dance floor, dance with the groom, dance with the bride, dance with the groom’s dad… anything I wanted to do was perfectly acceptable because I was a bridesmaid! Who knew the power that came with being in this elite club of 5-6 girls with matching dresses.

By the end of the evening, I was exhausted, had completely “danced my hair out” and was so happy for the newly weds. Thank you to Moffat and Casey for including me in this special day. It could not have been a better weekend and I could not be happier for you both.

Toast Worthy!

I went to 6 different bridal salons (one of them three times) and tried on approximately 60 different wedding dresses, and spend nearly 15 hours in total before I finally decided on one. All for a dress that I will wear one time, for 5 hours. It was a major sense of accomplishment when I finally picked “the one.” The best part is that it was one of the first dresses I tried on, and the one that Abby knew was going to be “the one” the minute I put it on. Once I made the decision to buy it, I felt excited, relief and a sense of accomplishment. After returning to my parents house, my mom and I busted out some champagne to celebrate. My whole family toasted to this monumental occasion. As we raised our glasses, “to the dress” it hit me… I was turning into one of those girls.

Earlier that weekend, Abby made a trip down to Virginia for a job interview. She rocked it out and left the University of Mary Washington with a good feeling. On Sunday, she was offered the position of Head Coach for both the Men and Women’s Teams at the school. After being an assistant coach for 7 years, she is certainly ready for this. While moving to a new state is scary and taking on the responsibility of her own team can seem daunting at times, I know she will be amazing. I am just so happy that someone finally sees in her what I have seen for years. Now that news, is certainly champagne toast worthy!

abby brethauer

A couple of months ago, I blogged about my FSIL (future sister-in-law for those of you not down with wedding lingo) graduating from Nursing School. Now unlike push over liberal arts degrees like Matt and I got, Courtney’s degree required her to pass her boards in order to put her hard-earned degree to use. For some reason, going to class, studying for countless hours and passing all of your finals, don’t mean anything unless you can pass the 6 hour medical boards. After committing herself to intense studying for weeks, Courtney finally took her boards on Tuesday. Her results were supposed to be posted 2 days later (meaning tomorrow). Thankfully, Courtney’s anxiousness got the best of her and she decided to look up her results online a day early… just in case.

Tonight, we are toasting (along with our tacos) to Courtney, RN !

Suddenly, my feat of buying a dress doesn’t seem so toast worthy. I promise, I will not become that girl. I even gave in and updated my checklist!

It’s All in the Family

Wikipedia defines family as, “an exclusive group of people who share a close relationship —a unit typically (or “traditionally”) composed of a mated couple and their dependent children (procreation) in co-residence. Families create generations —each of which gain in maturity and self-sufficiency such as to create and provide for subsequent generations.”

Not only is my family bonded together by marriage and genetics, but we are also bonded together by freakishly similar looks, the same exact mannerisms, and of course, fair superior DNA! This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting with people who not only look and talk like me, but ones that share my love of crafting, organizing, eating, and dominating life. Abby and I drove to Pennsylvania to visit my Grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle for the weekend.

I truly appreciated my change of scenery for the weekend. I traded my 7th floor apartment for a “log cabin” style house. I traded city side walks for trees. I traded bars and restaurants for home-cooked meals. Lastly, I traded going out to bars with Matt’s friends to look for “beautiful babies” for conversations with my 92-year-old, World War II veteran grandfather (who is a frequent commenter to my blog!), a grandmother who rivals Martha Stewart in both her crafting supplies and skills, and my Aunt and Uncle who, on one hand raise chickens and on the other, are two of the smartest people I know (and that is saying a lot). While I love my life and friends, sometimes it is nice to shake things up; and what better way to do this, than hang out with your own relatives.

When Abby and I arrive in Pennsylvania on Friday we were welcomed with hugs and a delicious spaghetti casserole. Sitting around their little table in the kitchen, I was instantly brought back to my own childhood, where family dinners were a nightly occurence.  The food was great and the company even better!

Saturday morning we had NYC bagels that Abby bought and eggs that were hatched by the chickens that live just outside of the house. Their coop, built by my Aunt and Uncle, is close to the same size as my apartment! We then spent a large portion of the morning discussing various DIY wedding projects, as I am hoping to tap into my Aunt’s unbelievably creative skills. After that we had a serious adventure; we piled into the car and drove down “the Bridal Chateau.”

I have looked at wedding dresses a few times with my parents and my sister, but I still haven’t found “the one.” I thought it might be fun to look with my relatives and was shocked to find a bridal salon in their small town that looked like it had a great selection. At first my grandfather wasn’t going to come but he wasn’t too hard to convince! We took over a section of the store and Abby and I walked up and down the racks of dresses pulling plastic bags, that I hoped might contain the perfect dress. I tried on countless gowns, many of which looked good, a few of which looked great; however, I liked the dress best, that immediately got “boos” and disgusted faces as I walked out of the dressing room. My family has never been one to hide their true feelings! In the end, I found two dresses to add to my list of possibilities, but no dress that made me think, “this is it!” After watching hours of “Say Yes to the Dress” I might have unrealistic expectations for the whole process. I am starting to think that not everyone has that feeling, especially those of us who over think every decision!

After our adventure, we came home and I helped my Grandma organize some of her crafts. She has a craft “loft” that I could probably spend months in. Plastic drawers lining the walls, organized with various stamps, glitter, glue and paints. Unfortunately, when she looks for things she has to open and close numerous drawers because she can’t always find what she is looking for. After reading one of my previous posts she asked me to bring my label maker to solve this problem. I felt as if she gave me my organizational “fix” for the weekend!

That evening, after another delicious dinner, my Grandma has a special project for Abby and me. When my grandparents lived in Florida, we would visit them every year over April vacation. When we were there we would do a craft project, taking advantage of her talents and craft supplies. Over the years we made gym bags, scrunchies, greeting cards and much more. We sewed, stamped and colored until we had a wonderful creation to bring back to NH with us; and this trip was no different. My Grandmother is an excellent painter and creates wonderful decorations for her home. Sprinkled all around her house are numerous gourds that she painted to resemble snowmen and birdhouses, and ones that were decoupaged with different pictures of flowers and butterflies. She set us up with gourds, paints and a book full of ideas.

I modeled my gourd after one of the snowmen that my grandmother had sitting above the stairs. Abby was a bit more creative with her craft and painted her gourd with the New York city skyline.

The weekend culminated this morning with waffles and bacon. My uncle ground the wheat himself before my Aunt made the waffles. To say that were delicious would be selling them short. And clearly, my family had REAL maple syrup from New Hampshire – a perfect ending to a great weekend!

“The family. We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.”
— Erma Bombeck