Boy Bands All Grown Up

This week on the Today show, I’ve sort of felt like I was watching the downfall of my childhood. It was a similar feeling to when I’ve put on

Wednesday on the Today Show, New Kids on the Block performed. It was creepy and not very good.


The this morning, the guys from 98 Degrees sang and awkwardly danced in unison.


Don’t get me wrong, growing up I was a big fan of both of these bands. I remember being so jealous of my best friend Lindsay because she has a New Kids on the Block sleeping bag. I was still rocking Sesame Street – which made me an easy target at every sleepover. I was so psyched when my mom finally let me buy the NKOTB tape and then the 98 degrees CD – both Burning Up and the Christmas album (which I may still listen to).

But, I am not sure I full support these comeback tours of the Boy Bands from the 80’s and 90’s. Just because you are jealous that Justin Timberlake was able to go on and become a bigger star than he was back in the days of neck scarves and frosted tips – it doesn’t mean that you have a chance at a comeback.


Especially when you are still portraying yourselves as “boy bands” when the average age of the group in over 37 years old. I’m sorry – you may look good for your age, but these photos show just how far you’ve come…



The good news of all of this – it looks like these guys aren’t going away anytime soon!



Long live the boy band.

Get It Together NBC

Dear NBC,

I made the decision to stick with you and watch the Olympics on your network, not online, but on your “live” coverage on tv. Even though waiting hours and hours to see how the races and events play out, I think it is worth it for the commentary from Bob Costas and Rowdy Gaines (although, I have to admit, the majority of the time I am criticizing Rowdy’s comments).

Well I am sorry, but you have just disappointed me. I realize that you want to boost your total number viewers for your “Today Show” coverage during theses Olympic Games. I mean, I can’t really blame you with all of the heat you’ve been taking from Good Morning America. But really, don’t spoil your own coverage by saying “be there with us tomorrow morning as we interview gold medalist [insert name here]” BEFORE the coverage of the competition!

Honestly, you kind of took the wind out of your own sails there. Don’t make me start a campaigning to switch the Olympic coverage to another network. And yes, I have that much power. Don’t test me.

Consider yourself warned,


So Long Ann

While it is no secret that I am happy with this news, it doesn’t make it any easier for the people involved. So long Ann. No one can say you didn’t give it your all.

Ann Curry Announce New Role at NBC

And so the search begins for a new host to sit with Matt every morning. I hope that NBC doesn’t rush into anything, which I believe is how they got themselves into this mess in the first place.

5 Things Women Should Know by the Time They Turn 30


During this morning’s today show, they grabbed my attention when Ann curry previewed an upcoming story “What every woman should know by the time she turns 30.” As someone turning 30 this year (gasp!) I was immediately intrigued. I thought to myself  “I only have 7.5 more months, maybe there is a lot of information and knowledge that I am missing – and today Ann Curry will fill that gap for me.”

So I waited and waited for the story. I waited so long that I was the tiniest bit late for work. But don’t blame me – this was information I NEEDED to know. Finally, after waiting for more than 30 minutes, I was given 5 pieces of information:

1.The ability to fall in love without losing yourself.
2. The confidence to quit a job.
3. The comfort of living alone.
4. The knowledge your body is beautiful.
5. The belief you deserve it (read very dramatically by Ann)

Not going to lie – after hearing this, I was mad that I waited around for such  ridiculous advice. I am so sick of society telling young women to “love themselves” and “feel beautiful” – these positive affirmations aren’t helpful. Women approaching 30 are looking for practical pieces of advice. If we want holistic self-empowerment ideas, we go to yoga.

As a result, I have written my own 5 things that I think every woman should know by the time she turns 30:

1. It is probably time to take out your belly button/eye brow/tongue ring. I took my belly button ring out at age 25 because I felt too old to have it. I’ve given you 5 extra years of “self-expression” — time’s up!

2. You can’t eat like you used to. Face the facts, if you care about your body, late night food is a thing of the past.

3. You aren’t sick – you are hung over. Yes, even though you “didn’t drink that much,” you are hung over. It is much harder to recover after a late night out, especially since you now have a job that you need to show up at by 9am.

4. Support yourself financially. And if you can’t – don’t broadcast to the world that mommy and daddy are still footing the bill. It is embarrassing. Especially when you are buying design handbags, getting weekly manicures and spending insane amounts of money on alcohol. Try and have a little respect for your parents and their hard-earned money.

5.  Fighting with your significant other in public is not appropriate. You make everyone else around uncomfortable. Keep your drama to yourselves. This isn’t an episode of Jersey Shore/The Hills/Laguna Beach.

6. Yes, I’ll even add in a 6th for good measure – don’t text or call someone 18 times in a row. Just because you have unlimited minutes and text messaging, it doesn’t make it ok. The ONLY time this is acceptable is if there is an emergency (just so we are clear – drunk dials are not emergencies).

I could go on with more but I don’t want to totally steal the show from Glamour Magazine.

If you are offended by anything I have written, I have one more piece of advice. Learn to accept criticism with grace and dignity. Sometimes a long hard look in the mirror can reveal more than the wrinkles beginning to set in.

Shame on You Katie Couric


All this week Katie Couric is making her return to morning news, only this time she is appearing as the co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America. After hosting NBC’s Today Show for 15 years,  this is certainly a controversial move.

As a loyal Today Show viewer, I find this move almost as disgraceful as when Johnny Damon signed with the Yankees.


Katie, you know I love you – I am just not sure how you can cheat on Matt Lauer like this? And honestly… with this guy?


The only thing worse that Katie’s blatant dis-loyalty to the Today Show is the Today Show’s response.


Really? ABC makes the first move with Couric and you respond with Palin? Even Matt thinks this idea is ridiculous.

Maybe it is time for me to switch my morning show allegiance.

A PSA on Safe Sex from Dr. Seuss

I am not sure who I love more in this interview – Zack Effron for his good looks (hey – he is 24, I am allowed to say that) or Matt Lauer for his extremely discomfort with the word “condom.” Either way, I am so excited for The Lorax!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Midas Touch

Everything Martha Stewart touches turns to gold. And I am really starting to get a little sick of it.

 She has, hands down, the best craft room


She has her own line of glitter. 

She can think of a craft for EVERY holiday


She makes donuts look classy


And her chicken coop is nicer than my apartment


And now, even her dog is deemed perfect. Yesterday, Martha Stewart’s 2-year-old Chow Chow, Ghenghis Khan, won best of breed at the Westminster Dog Show .

So what’s the first stop for an award-winning dog – why, the Today Show of course.

Today Show Clip

Honestly, I am not sure how much more of this I can take. Thank goodness there was this little blip on Ms. Stewart’s record… without it I might actually die of jealousy.