Twilight Stalker

When I was younger I had a HUGE crush on Johnathan Taylor Thomas (you know, Randy from Home Improvement and the voice of Simba in the Lion King). I would talk my mom into buying me “Teen Beat” and other neon colored magazines so that I could cut out pictures and cover my walls with JTT’s face. It was definitely creepy, but thankfully I grew out of that phase. Unfortunately, some 28 year olds are still very much in the “celebrity stalker” phase – and it VERY creepy.

One of my best friends, Molly Ward, is a HUGE Twilight fan. She rivals many tweens in her knowledge of the books and her love of Edward. After seeing the new Twilight movie, Eclipse, her away message stated “Team Edward!” Here is the conversation that followed (remember, Molly is not ME! That is my friend, AKA Wardo):

 me:  ewwwwww. I am on team Jacob!
 Molly:  well have you read the fourth book? bec if so, you’ll know why
 me:  I have read all of them
 Molly:  well … (Wardo goes on to explain her scientific reasoning for why she is on Team Edward, which I won’t put because it gives away part of the book)
 me:  I still like him better (ps I love how seriously you take these books)
 Molly:  Also, I think Bella and Jacob have an amazing dynamic and she would be able to stay human and see her fam and everything…and she would be w/ her best friend.  BUT, she and Edward are like magnets that can’t be kept apart.  They are just drawn to each other and meant to be together
but that doesn’t mean you can’t like Jacob more..just means Edward is the right one for Bella 
me:  Wardo, you know they aren’t real, right?
Molly:  hmmmm, that’s a tricky one
me:  haha
Molly:  well I refer to Edward as my boyfriend on a daily basis, so he’s real in my books. 
Molly: My roommate, Minna, just went to Forks on her way south from Seattle…check out the facebook pics…she tagged me in all of them. Bought me a ton of twilight stuff.  I am SOOOO excited!

So after more Twilight analysis, Wardo ends the conversation with this profound statement.

Molly:  but I will admit, I have always been a mega uber Edward fan, but after seeing the movie last night, I started to like Jacob a lot more.  And anyway, you like Jacob more, bec that’s like you…you fell in love w/ your best friend and are marrying him. So he’s basically your Edward and Jacob rolled into one.

I am so happy that Wardo was able to turn my 9 year relationship with Matt, and our pending wedding, into a Twilight analogy. Now, if I start to question my decision to marry Matt, I can look to this explanation and it will all make sense! I knew there was a good reason I asked her to be in my wedding.