Campus Taps

After Facebook’s worse than expected performance this week, I think everyone is a little more suspicious of internet websites and their valuation. However, I think we would all agree that even though Facebook’s stock has dropped 15 percent, their 80-90 billion dollar market value is definitely impressive. And while Mark Zuckerberg and I went to the same school, I am sad to report that I did not know him, the Winklevoss twins or anyone else involved with the creation of Facebook.

Believe me when I say, that is upsetting. While I was hanging out with my friends on the swim team, people were developing a multi-billion dollar website right next door. Well, I am not about to let that happened again – which is why I am happily promoting the newest college website out there: Campus Taps.

Matt and I both agree that the summer of 2010 was one of our best, as it was when we met the incredible Ryan Phillips. His most obvious contribution to our life are his unbelievable dance skills. In one fluid motion, he can turn a boring evening into a riotous dance battle. He gave us the gift of dance, first at Matt’s bachelor party and then during our wedding. Matt and I were so excited to share his skills with our closest friends and family!

However, while Ryan’s dance skills are impressive, we have realized very quickly that they are non-transferable (Although, he did give us a few VERY helpful pointers for our first dance; however, beyond a few spins and twirls, Matt and I are unable to replicate Ryan’s skills). But one thing that Matt has been able to replicate is Ryan’s sweet sense of style.

Ryan captured the “All American Gentleman” style with his Sperry boat shoes, J.Crew shorts and his croakies — apparently when you are a true gentleman you are always ready for yachting. Even in the middle of New York City. Matt’s (and Kinsella’s) sense of style has been fine-tuned as a result of their friendship.

And now, Ryan is applying his wealth of “bro” knowledge and sharing it with the world – while also providing a calendar of events for young “bros-in-training.”

Taken from their website, Campus Taps is described below:

“Campus Taps is a free online nightlife directory that provides access to bar events, bar and liquor store specials, and late night eats in the Baltimore-area. In addition, the site was created to be an open forum for students and young professionals to connect with their friends and favorite nightlife spots. The directory is free for businesses and users to join. Currently we are serving the greater Baltimore-area but we will be expanding to other major cities and college towns soon.”

The website had a soft launch this spring and hopes to expand to more bars and colleges next fall.

And who knows, maybe Mark will start reading Campus Taps — he really could use the advice, because let’s face it, while he may be a multi-billionaire, he is no bro. “Time to trade up those Adidas sandals for some Rainbows, bro!”

Cache and Cookies

I’m excited to announce that a few weeks ago I started a new role at Robin Hood as a member of the Marketing and Communications team. Previously I had been working as an individual gift officer, which is fancy speak for fundraiser. I was definitely happy in this role; however, when the opportunity to shake things up a bit in the social media/content word presented itself – I jumped at it. I was recommended for this role in large part because I’ve expressed an interest in writing and seem to be relatively good at it (although I still have a lot of room for growth – especially when it comes to editing). But one of the other huge selling points was the fact that I write a blog! Who would have thought that two years ago when I started this blog that it would lead to future career development. Certainly not me.

It is an exciting time to be joining the marketing and communications team. Over our 23 year history, our board has been rather “media skittish.” The thought was that we didn’t want to steal the show from the groups that we fund, so our name was never mentioned in the press, never added to plaques at buildings that we helped build, or linked to the poverty-fighting work that we accomplished. Well, the board has realized that maybe, in terms of increasing our fundraising and raising awareness, this wasn’t the best method. So now, moving forward, we are changing that approach and I’m thrilled to play a role in this effort.

TODAY we announced the soft launch of our new website – The old version, which had remained relatively untouched for the past 10 years – was taken down this morning and replaced by a fresh new platform. My role moving forward will be to provide the updated content for various parts of the website and our tumblr blog (although I secretly want to make a push to move it to WordPress!)

At our monthly all staff meeting, we unveiled the website to the Robin Hood team. Since I have only been part of the team responsible for the new site for a few weeks, I haven’t contributed much to the new site. So, I decided to provide the “flare” for today’s presentation – in the form of cookies and a limerick.

Needless to say, the cookies were “cleared” very quickly (look – I’m already making online communications jokes!)

Consumer Unit

When I was in 8th grade we spent the last quarter of school working on a special project called “Consumer Unit.” During this unit we learned about being an American consumer (also known as an adult). We were all assigned “jobs” and each job had a paycheck associated with in. We then learned about the various expenses that you incur as a consumer and had to pay off these expenses without going over the budgets determined by out paycheck amounts.

What I remember most about this unit was sitting in the lobby of a hotel after a swim meet watching my dad try desperately to salvage the mess I made out of my checkbook. I think he spent more time trying to balance my pretend checkbook that month than he ever had on his real account.

I couldn’t help but think that unit was completely worthwhile as I walked to work this morning and paid my credit card bill using an iPhone app.