When I was working (obviously very hard) today, I decided that with the current cold spell we are experience, it would be a good time to buy a new coat.

In college I was able to survive the Boston winters by rocking my swim parka.

swim-stuff-swim-parkas-18123-481z(via – and no, this is not me!)

However, since graduating and retiring from the sport of swimming, I had to hang up the parka. Let’s be serious, it just isn’t appropriate to wear around town. Well, unless you are my mom who continues to wear it to get the paper in the morning or while she is snow blowing the driveway.

So, as a result, for the past 7 years, I’ve been freezing. No coat could ever replace the parka – so why would I even bother. That is, until now. With well below freezing temperatures, a 10-15 minute walk to the subway, and a new found shopping addiction, it seemed like the perfect time to get a new coat.

Which brings me back to online shopping. I found one I liked (and on sale!) and sent the link to Abby to get her opinion.


As I sat down to blog this evening, I realized that I had nothing good to write about . So I wrote to Abby asking for ideas…


So, here I am. No coat. Nothing to blog about. And cold.

Yup. My life is rough.

Oh yeah, here’s the coat I wanted to get


What do you think? Should I get it?