I have been a delinquent blogger of late. My last post nearly two weeks ago, and even before that post, I wasn’t hitting my 4-5 posts per week goal. I really don’t have a good excuse. I guess I can say I have been busy at my new job learning all about the world of development, but mostly, I just don’t want to look bad by blogging all day long.

Well, this past weekend, I had something happen in my life that was blog worthy. On Saturday, naturally, I was celebrating National Marquette Day with some of my favorite people. I was texting with my sister, as per usual, when she suddenly seemed a bit more anxious than usual to know what I was doing. Text flooded into my phone: “what are you doing? what are you doing later? how long are you going to be doing that for?” It was like I had my very own stalker. Soon enough, Abby revealed to me that she herself was in New York City! She decided to come up for the weekend and thought it would be fun to surprise.

While I was slightly sad to cut my celebration of National Marquette Day short, I will basically drop ANYTHING for my sister. So we decided to meet for some shopping and a mani. We didn’t buy much, put the few hours of sister time was priceless. And while our time together was brief, the memories will last forever and the sweet manicures we got lasted well into the week.

When Matt purposed, I was impressed with how much though he put into the actual proposal. A private sailboat at sunset – it doesn’t get much more “straight out of a movie” than that. But what really impressed me was Matt’s choice in ring. It was stunning, so much more than I deserved and fit perfectly. More than that, it was super sparkly. And anyone who knows me, knows I love sparkle. Whether it is on a “work appropriate tiara” (aka headband), a poster cheering on HWSD or announcing my candidacy for class officer, or a jar of Martha Stewart glitter, I love it. And this ring sparkles!

Well, my sweet manicure might actually down play the ring. As Abby described it, “it is like a disco ball on your fingers.”

Thank goodness for sisters, bling, and sparkly nail polish!

Craft Night in the Brethauer/Englehardt Household

…or apartment-hold.

I have been really frustrated lately. I have a dilemma.

I want to post about all of the amazing crafts that I have been doing lately. They are certainly blog-worthy. The problem is, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I did that once and it was not a good experience (see previous post).

All of the crafts that I have been doing lately have been wedding related. If I post them, then my wedding guests won’t be surprised when they open the mail, visit our website, or walk into the reception. I need to practice delayed gratification.

At my school, our kids take woodworking once a week for half of the year. All semester long they work on one project. They start with an idea, which is then transcribed to a drawing. They begin to measure and cut their wood. They sand and hammer and nail. Weeks go by before their original idea starts to show in their project. At the end of the semester, they walk out of the classroom with a wooden car, a box or a sculpture. They have a sense of pride in their work and leave the class with an understanding of, and appreciation for,¬†delayed gratification; a rare thing in our word of printers, scanners and virtual rewards. I have been thinking about auditing this course with one of the Kindergarten classes. I think I could learn something…

I have sort of become obsessed with our wedding lately. Good news, it is paying off. Bad new is, Matt gets dragged into crafts and my credit card has been suffering severe beatings from Michael’s craft store.

This past week has been a big week in wedding world. We (meaning my mom and I) made our decision regarding which caterer we are going to use. Check that off the checklist. I also received our “save the dates” in the mail and they will be mailed out by Monday. Check! I started the initial design phase of the invitations, we received the contract for the Inn that my family is saying in, and we made a crucial wedding cake decision. Check, check and check! Man, do I feel good! Just call me David Tutera.

So until next week, I am unable to show you the crafting that I have been doing. After I am confident that everyone has received their save the dates, I will post them here. I can leave you with one idea that we DID NOT use for our save the dates. I was a huge supporter but Matt used his groom veto powers to put a stop to this one. Too bad he didn’t say anything about the blog…