A Lesson in Advertising

Some people think that the Occupy Wall Street movement is disorganized and doesn’t have a clear message. I decided to investigate this further myself. I figured the best way to determine their message was to gather some visual evidence.

After a quick google search for “occupy wall street signs” I came up with a handful of images that outline their various demands and complaints. If you are confused by Occupy Wall Street, please see below. I think it will provide some clarity.

You have a much clearer understanding of this movement now, right?

And since this is a¬†bipartisan blog that supports the entire 100%,¬† here are some clips from “Occupy Occupy Wall Street

Thank goodness for freedom of speech. Without it, what else would I have to blog about?

The Class Systems of OWS

I wish I could take credit for this incredible find, but unfortunately those honors go to Matt.

Today those occupying Wall Street left the comfort of their park and took to the streets. At 3pm, a few hundred people marched up Broadway to Union Square. It served as a good break for those of us at work, to walk over to the window and peer down to those below. After a few minutes, we all returned to our desks to get some work done. Apparently after hanging around in the park and beating their drum, they plan to march back down to their park at 5pm.

Now that is a powerful movement!