The Search for the Perfect Desk

After searching online for the perfect desk, I have come up with two solid conclusions. First, I am insidiously jealous of people who can afford, and fit, the Pottery Barn Bedford Project Table. 

 Even in my fairly spacious one bedroom apartment, I am unable to devote so much space to a piece of furniture, let alone an entire room devoted to arts and crafts. However, after rearranging the furniture in our apartment multiple times, I found a way to transform a 52 inch by 25 inch space into my own crafting sanctuary.

Second, I have high (some might even say unrealistic) expectations. After looking on nearly every furniture website I have come up empty handed. While some of the desks I found looked like they might be able to work, I am hesitant to purchase something without seeing it. It is so hard to gage the sturdiness of something, simply by looking at a picture. Yes, I am over thinking this. When I stop and think about it, even I am impressed with the new levels of my neurosis. It is actually sort of funny how many times I have visited Crate and Barrel thinking that a new desk, that suits my needs and fits into my allotted space, will appear in the store.

I am hoping to go to Ikea this weekend to design a desk by using a combination of kitchen cabinets and table tops. Hopefully I can turn out something that will allow for ample storage without creating a huge distraction in our apartment. Until that time, I will continue blogging and crafting from the coffee table!

Until I am able to create my own “crafting mecca”, here are some of the best crafting spaces I have come across in the hours I have spend googling “Craft Table/Arts and Crafts Room”

And of course, the ultimate in craft rooms: