I Like Turtles

So let’s just ignore the fact that I haven’t been blogging lately. I know, I promised to do a better job leading up to the holidays. Clearly I lied. But don’t worry, I’m just as disappointed as you are. Let’s agree to move on and never talk about it again – even if it happens again.

While I would love to update you on my holiday travels, I don’t want to make my sister jealous of the incredible time that I had on our sailing trip around the British Virgin Islands.




Plus if I mention anything about Miami and the National Championship Football Game, I think my husband and all of his Notre Dame loving friends might have to go back on suicide watch.




(Yes, there was a giraffe at our tailgate. Yes, I did freak out.)

So let’s skip all of that.

Tonight, I’ve spent the last two hours watching a documentary about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef on Animal Planet (now you understand why I haven’t been able to blog as regularly as possible. Very important shows like this…) The whole show is pretty incredible and definitely making me want to plan a vacation there. However, one particular segment stood out.

green-sea-turtle-24M2255-43(image from oceanwideimages.com)

Raine Island s a vegetated sandy island that is located on the outer edges of the Great Barrier Reef, approximately 390 miles north Queensland, Australia. Raine Island is the site of the world’s largest remaining population of Green Turtles. On any given day more than 5,000 turtles visit the sandy oasis; however, at the height of their breeding, more than 26,000 turtles arrive on the island at the same time to laid 100 eggs each.

Turtles(image from seaturle.org)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(image from Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection)

So you do the math, even if some of the eggs are duds, the end result is still more than 2.5 million baby turtles. And you guessed it, all hatching and making their way to the sea at the same time!

I’m going to skip over all of the predator stuff – believe me, you don’t want to hear about it. But while watching all of this, I’ve come to a few conclusion:

1. I need to see a live turtle hatch at some point in my life
2. Herons are a lot meaner than one would think
3. Animals are much smarter than we give them credit for
4. I like turtles


The Brainwashing Begins

Last night Abby and Bexley stopped by our apartment on their long drive to New Hampshire. While I have had the pleasure of meeting Bexley multiple times, Matt had yet to meet the new addition to our family. And although he is pretty allergic to dogs, he decided to risk his heath and play with Abby’s partner in crime.

Unfortunately, he was able to brainwash her (using cheese as a bribe) pretty quickly… not sure how my Ohio State family members are going to feel about this…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Why My Sister Can Never Get Married

This weekend, Abby came to New York for one of her former swimmer’s wedding last night. I was thrilled that the wedding was on Friday because that meant that I got to spent time with Abby on Saturday and Sunday before she returned to Virginia. I was especially excited to see her since we won’t be seeing each other over Thanksgiving as I am heading to my in-laws (I love saying that!) this year.

As most people who follow my blog know, Abby got a dog last February. Since that time, her visits to New York have been sort of frustrating for me since she would have this adorable, but high-maintenance, puppy with her. Add in the fact that Matt is terribly allergic to dogs so Abby and Bexley couldn’t stay at our apartment when they visited, my time with her on those weekend trips was very short. Thank goodness Bex is so cute, or else I might force Abby to get rid of her.

Bexley before her first 5K race this weekend.

Abby decided to leave Bex at home this weekend. And while I would love to see my niece-puppy, I was excited to have a dog-free weekend with Abby in NYC. It isn’t that I had a lot of fun things planned for Abby’s visit, but just spending time together, something we were able to do nearly every weekend when she lived in NYC, is one of my favorite things. She arrived at my apartment earlier today and we spent the afternoon hanging out, chatting, and doing some errands around the city. After getting pedicures together, Abby decided to go visit a friend for dinner.

I have never been good at sharing. I hate sharing my food if I am out at a restaurant, Matt and I each have our own tube of toothpaste (weird, I know), and I didn’t let Matt touch my iPhone for the first four months I owned it. But the thing that I hate sharing the most is my sister, especially now that we don’t live in the same city.

I am pretty sure that my sister feels pretty similarly to me – however, I am so lucky that she likes Matt and, inversely, that Matt puts up with us. Unfortunately for Abby, I am not like that. I don’t want to share her with anyone, not even her puppy!

So I am sorry to all of my sister’s future suitors – you need to acknowledge that you will always play second fiddle to me, or else I won’t give you my blessing. And let’s face it, my blessing is much more important than my dad’s; I am pretty sure Matt asked for Abby’s permission to propose before he asked for my dad’s.

So now I am sitting at home, watching Notre Dame take down Boston College, just counting the minutes until Abby comes back! Man, sharing is so hard!

Pouting because I hate sharing Abby


Win One for the Gipper…

and for all of the wives of Notre Dame fans!

This weekend, Matt and I put on our Notre Dame t-shirts and headed over to our local Irish pub to watch the Notre Dame football team take on Michigan State. After the past two weekends, I was weary of where the afternoon’s game would take us.

Thankfully the team walked away with a win and I walked away with a husband who wasn’t depressed. I would like to personally thank Michigan State for improving the state of my marriage this weekend. While 1 – 2 isn’t an ideal record to start the season with, it is a heck of a lot better than 0 – 3.

A Day of Silence

In response to the tragic loss this weekend, Focus of the Little Things will be having a moment of silence today. Sadly, the perfect season has already slipped through the hands of the faithful Notre Dame fans. Not even the shamrock sugar cookies I made for the game watch could help this team.

And while some people are upset with Brian Kelly’s performance on the sideline – yelling at few choice words at his players and becoming so upset that his face was purple at some points of the game, I am not one of those folks. Your passion for your team and your desire to win is evident. Just make sure that you take some beta blockers before the next game.

To all the “Men of Kennan,” my thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

Here Come the Irish

Today is one of the best days of the year. Sadly, it also has the potential to be one of the worst.

Today, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team kicks off their season with a game against Southern Florida. Our hopes are high. As my favorite football coach, Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights says, we have clear eyes, full hearts and we can’t lose!

That being said, if the game doesn’t go well today, we might as well say goodbye to the rest of the season.

And now that I am legally bound to Notre Dame for the rest of my life, I am amped up. This is the team. This is the year. This is the day.


ND loves NYC

This past weekend, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame took over the city of New York when their football team played the first ever football game in the new Yankee Stadium on Saturday. They took on the team from West Point and celebrated a 27 – 3 victory. And while New York is known for a lot of things, a football town is not one of them. However, Notre Dame changed that.

The weekend started with a performance by the Notre Dame band, where else, but in the middle of Time Square.

The celebration was taken out of Manhattan and into the Bronx as thousands of fans filled Yankee Stadium. The field was transformed from a baseball diamond into a football grid iron for the occation.

The game ball was delivered by members of the special ops as they parachuted out of a plane and into the stadium. One carried the ball, another an American flag and a third, the flag of Notre Dame.

The half time show, performed by the band, was incredible.  Unfortunately, I can’t find a good video that captures just how impressive the show was; you will have to take my word for it.

The only thing that can top this game will be the Notre Dame vs. Navy game in 2012 held in Dublin, Ireland.