Pigging Out

On Saturday Matt and I went to Blue Smoke, a BBQ restaurant in NYC that I have been wanting to go to for a while. Although the food isn’t the healthiest, it was pretty tasty.

Matt had gone for a 92 mile bike ride earlier in the day and I had done an 8 mile run in the mid-morning heat. We didn’t eat a lot during the day, so when we showed up to the restaurant, we were both pretty much starving. Well, we knew how to fix that – by ordering a ton of food!

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While the food was good, I have to admit that I think the BBQ at Fette Sau in Brooklyn is far superior. And a lot less touristy!

Crack Pie Recipe Unveiled

Whenever someone tells me about a restaurant or bakery that makes amazing desserts, I immediately feel myself thinking “I wonder if I could do that.” Let’s be honest, baking is really just reading, following directions and being patient. And I can do all of those things. So even if I don’t have an industrial grade kitchen, I can still make some nearly professional desserts. Right?

Well I put that to the test after leaning about Momofuko’s Milk Bar, the dessert arm of the Japanese restaurants owned by David Chang. I first ventured into Milk Bar when I wanted to pick up something to bring to Matt’s work after the marathon. Typically, if I am sending delicious treats into work with Matt, they are homemade. I think I got this from my mother. We’ve always had homemade birthday cakes and whenever it was our turn to bring a snack in for our school, it was definitely going to be something homemade: banana bread, blueberry muffins or sometimes chocolate chip cookies. But during marathon weekend, I was completely swamped, and didn’t get around to making anything. so I figured, this is a great time to try out Milk Bar, which I had been hearing rave reviews about.


I walked in and ordered their post popular item – “crack pie.” I didn’t know what was in it, but the sales clerks assured me it was “amazing.” After paying the $44 for the 10″ pie, I thought to myself “well, it sure as heck better be amazing.” Thankfully, it was. Matt’s co-workers gobbled it up so fast – I knew I had found a winner.

Unfortunately, the idea of paying $44 dollars for a dessert – and then not even being able to take the credit for making it, well that didn’t sit too well with me. I decided to do a little research and quickly learned that I could buy the Milk Bar cookbook and start making their wonderful creations out of my own kitchen. This would save me a lot of money and earn me a lot of praise for my baking skills. WIN – WIN!

Soon my kitchen became a crack pie factory. I made two for work, I made two for Thanksgiving, I made four more for work and embellished them with the Robin Hood logo. I had to admit, I was getting pretty good at making these things. Unfortunately, they are relatively time-consuming and VERY unfriendly to your waist line! I decided that I need to take a break from crack pie for a little while – until this weekend.

For Matt’s Birthday, I decided to make him two crack pies to bring in to work. I was a little nervous since they had only ever had the authentic, Momofuko version. After spending a few solids hours in the kitchen, I sent the pies in with Matt and waited… soon enough the reviews started coming in.

  • A text from Matt at 10:40am letting me know he had his first slice of crack pie and it was delicious.
  • An email from Matt at 10:52 saying that one of his bosses loved the crack pie and wanted the recipe.
  • An email forward by Matt from a co-worker saying “It is amazing!”

I felt a sense of pride – my dessert was just as good as the $44 pie!

Well, I guess that should have come as no surprise; momofuko provided me with the recipe.  Thank you to the folks at Momofuko for sharing their brilliance with the world. It is because of you that people think I am a great bakers. And thank you to my parents and all of the teachers in my life, for giving me the skills to make crack pie: literacy, the ability to follow directions and the gift of patience (let’s be honest, that one is more dad than mom!)

So here it is, the big reveal… I present to you “Crack Pie Recipe.”

A brief explication:
The first 3 pages are the instructions – they break it down into 3 parts: the actual pie (which is more instructions for assembling), the oat cookie (which is the crust) and the filling. I typically make the oat cookie the first day, make the filling and assemble the pie the second day, then after freezing overnight – eat the third day! It is slightly time intensive, but not difficult.

The fourth page has explanation of ingredients – the only weird thing in the recipe is corn power. I bought freeze dried corn at whole foods (it is with all of the dried fruit) and blended it in the blender.


HAPPY CRACK PIE MAKING! Let me know how it turns out.