A Valentine’s Day Tradition

I have never really been into the whole Valentine’s Day thing. While I certainly enjoy receiving candy hearts and making homemade valentine’s cards out of red and white paper doilies, I never felt the need to expect boxes of chocolate, a dozen red roses and expensive jewelry. Matt agrees with me on this and we originally celebrated by going out to dinner.

The first year after college, I was working as a consultant, traveling to Princeton,  NJ a fair amount. On Valentine’s Day, I had a 10am flight out to NJ so I wasn’t going to be able to do dinner with Matt. Instead, he suggested that we get brunch at the Four Season before work. It seemed like a good solution, so I went along with it. At 7am in the morning, we sat down to eat and enjoyed a delicious breakfast in a room with a breath-taking view of Boston Common.

There was something nice about going out to breakfast on a week day and in a hotel where the wait staff treats you incredibly nice. I am not sure if it is because they assume you are a guest of the hotel or not, but there was certainly something in the interactions that make you feel really special. Matt and I decided to continue this tradition of celebration Valentine’s Day with a breakfast in various hotel restaurants.

This morning, Matt surprised me by taking me to Norma’s, located in the Parker Meridien. He got the idea from an episode of Gossip Girl, when Nate first met Juliette. So not only did Matt take me out to breakfast, but he was aiming to be as smooth as Nate Archibald – pretty impressive after more than nine years.

Breakfast was amazing. Matt and I both enjoyed ourselves fully and left completely stuffed. It was the best way to start my day and I wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day any other way.

Gossip Girl: XOXO

I am beyond ready for the return of Blair, Serena, Nate, Dan and of course, Chuck Bass. I feel as though I have been away at summer camp for the past 3 months and haven’t seen my friends or know what is going on in their lives. Well tonight, that is about to change.

I spent Labor Day weekend in the Hamptons where I rode around in a limo all weekend, went to a private house party with a $20,000 per performance band and partied till the sun came up (literally). This was all done in preparation for the return of the upper east side elite.

“Unlike the rest of us, sex lies and scandal never take a vacation. Instead, they take the Long Island Expressway and head east – to the Hamptons! Some of us would say summer is the busiest season. Think Park Avenue, but with Tennis whites, and Band de Soleil. The players change, but the game remains the same.”

So get out your headbands, argyle sweaters and designer labels. Gossip girl is back and I’m sure she will have something to say about how New York’s upper crust spent their summer. And I am sure it will be more fabulous and scandalous than the rest of us.