DIY – mobile

Sometimes things happen in life and there are no logical explanations. Sometimes, you get dealt a bad hand and the only thing you can do is play it and see a disaster unfold. Sometimes there are no answers. Sometimes there is no sun, no colors and the world is grey.  During these times all you can do hold tight to the good things you know to be true; family, friends and hope. Hope that things will get better in time and the color will return to your world. Until that time, here is a project that will help you remember the good times and bring back the color.

Today at the hospital it was “Sewtastic with Molly.” Once a month, I step outside of my typical volunteer role at the hospital and lead the group in a sewing project. Last month we made ribbon belts, bringing me back to the days of “Prep By Molly” my old business (a term that I use that term loosely here) that I ran out of my parents’ basement. The kids loved the project, but it required a lot of work on my part. I pinned and sewed together 8 belts in the span of an hour; rivaling the rate of little kids working in sweat shops in Asia.

This week we made mobiles using colorful foam paper. The project was simple but had a lot of effect. You can use sheets of foam paper like we did, vellum paper which has a nice effect if you are hanging it in front of a window, or colorful scrap booking paper. Start by cutting the paper into 1-2 inch strips. Place the strips in the color pattern that you want and sew them down the middle, leaving 10-12″ of thread at the top. Try and leave equal space between each strip for a more uniform look. At the end, leave another 10 – 12″ of thread. Complete the look with fishing weights or colored beads. This will give the mobile enough weight to keep it straight.

I wish I could take credit for this idea; however, I found it on a fellow blogger’s site Oh Happy Day when doing “wedding research.”

Carry with you the good times, the laughter, and the love. Don’t let the world go grey.