Park City Recap

This past weekend Matt and I journeyed to the home town of Ted Bundy (serial killer), Scott Wolf (played Bailey Salinger on Party of Five), John Schnatter (founder of Papa John’s Pizza) and Mitt Romney (if you don’t know who that is, you should read a newspaper).


We jumped on a plane Thursday evening after work and arrive at the Salt Lake city airport by 10:00 local time. The flight was relatively painless, thanks in most part to the Delta agent who clued us in to the shorter security line at JFK terminal. Why Delta seems to have such a hard time operating efficiently at this one terminal it beyond me. Two years ago, after waiting in the check in lin for 45 minutes, we missed the bag check cut off time and were forced carrying on all our luggage. We accomplished this by putting on all of our ski gear to go through security and abandoning a suit case in the lobby. Thankfully we learned our lesson and made sure our bags made in through on time.

We stayed large house near the base of Park City Mountain with 16 other people  (yes, I said 16). Matt and I were the last to arrive but thankfully, a pull out sofa was available in the basement living room area. While there was no door to our “room” I was just glad that I wasn’t sleeping on the floor. Of the 16 other people, Matt and I knew a grand total of 4. One of our friends organized the trip and it included people he went to high school with, people he went to business school with, people he worked with (us) and people he lived with. It was fun to be in such a large house – I imagine it was like what a co-ed fraternity/sorority house would be like. Unfortunately, since we were only there for 3 days, I didn’t have time to institute house rules, chore charts or a noise curfew. So, I am sure this comes as no surprise for anyone who knows me, I was definitely ready to come home. But that isn’t to say that I didn’t have a lot of fun while I was there.

We skied Park City on Friday, Snowbird/Alta on Saturday and Deer Valley on Sunday. The weather was between 50 and 60 degrees the entire weekend and I probably reapplied my SPF 60 sunscreen at least 4 times each day. And while the snow wasn’t the greatest the fact that I didn’t have to worry about the cold was well worth it – we were skiing in t-shirts and light weight jackets! We also downloaded the best app on our iPhones – the GPS Ski Tracks app, that allowed you to see your total number of runs, altitude skied, and maximum speed among other things. Clearly this was up my alley and Matt and I spent the trip trying to ski faster than each other (something that didn’t make my mom too happy). I am thrilled to report that I ended the weekend victorious, topping out at 52.5 mph!

By the end of the trip, I was both exhausted and sad that this was the only ski trip I would be making this vear. As a result, I’ve been gearing up to give my parents the hard sell on buying a condo out west. I really could use some more skiing in my life, and I could probably do without the 18 person party house…


I know – I am old.

Thanks Jack for planning an incredible cruise ski trip.

My Thoughts on The State of the Union

I really wanted to write a blog today recapping my thoughts on the State of the Union address last night. Sadly I got caught up in work today and seem to find myself unable to commit the solid amount of time that a post like this requires. Thankfully, a fellow blogger over at pink brief case wrote one that is right up my alley!

Click to read her State of the Union Recap

You are seriously funny. Let’s be friends?

I was able to get a few of my own thoughts down that weren’t addressed in her post:

1. Really Hillary, you think it is appropriate for a woman of your age (and not to mention stature) to wear a headband? Hopefully you aren’t accessorizing like that when you go and meet with President’s of foreign countries. I can’t see Mahmoud Ahmadinejad taking you too seriously wearing a blinged out head-piece – unless it was a tiara. And let’s be serious Hill, you know I love you, but you are no Kate Middleton.

2. Michelle –  you look awesome (as per usual)! I don’t care what type of job your husband is doing, you are transforming fashion in the white house and I support it. Rock on.

3. Debbie Bosanek, (AKA Warren Buffet’s secretary) I am so sorry that your boss continues to make an example out of you. Not only does he and others continue to call you a secretary (I am sure you official title is something much more dignified like “executive assistant”) but has he even asked you if you are comfortable being forced into the lime light as a tax victim? And who knows, maybe you are an investing genius and you are actually making more than old Mr. Buffet and that is why you pay more in taxes. Geez, give this poor woman a break already! At least they seated her next to Laurene Powell Jobs, that’s pretty baller.

4. Vice President Biden, are you checking you text messages? I know you are number two in line, but number one is talking. Show some respect.

Finally, on a related but different note, how much does Mitt Romney look like Guy Smiley from Sesame Street? I can’t decide if that makes me like Mitt more or less…


You’ve Got My Vote

Last night I decided to watch my first debate of the Republican presidential nominees. I have to say, one guy stood out to me and is definitely getting my vote.


Even with his recent Gawker/Lana Del Rey scandal and his excessively orange skin, Brian Williams is certainly my favorite GOP candidate.

What? He isn’t official running for the nomination? Hmm, could have fooled me – reports indicate that Williams spoke 2,137 words during the debate, only 819 fewer than Ron Paul (and I KNOW that guy is in the running).