High School Sweethearts


Like Matt and I, my friend Noelle and her husband, Justin, met in high school on their school’s swim team. They dated long distance in college and eventually got married a few years after graduating college. She is my #1 go to for relationship advice, complaining about Matt’s incompetence and general life advice.

Today she sent me the following email:

Subject: Reason Justin did not take out the trash

Body of the email: “It didn’t look full”




This email prompted me to ask her “how did we end up with such idiots?” Her response was spot on. “We locked them in early and attributed their ridiculousness to adolescence.”

Sometimes marrying your high school sweet heart isn’t so romantic. Just ask us! Don’t worry Noelle, at least we have each other. And blogs to publicly shame our husbands.

Sitting in my apartment watching the season finale of Glee, I have one thought — how ridiculous is it that all of these seniors in high school, about to graduate, think their high school relationships are going to survive the distance and drama of college.

Oh wait…

Matt and I met when we were 16, started dating when we were Seniors in high school, went to different college, dated for 10 years and are now married. I guess that makes us like Rachel and Finn.


And that must make Kinsella Puck


Or rather… is he Kurt?


Glee Season Finale

While I am crushed that my favorite show, Glee, will be on hiatus from television this summer, I am thrilled with the prospect of an amazing season ending episode. I am sitting on my couch watching this magical episode come to life. I have dreamed about it, and yet, I am dreading it.

Don’t stop believing is an amazing song.I can’t put it any other way. It is the song that I use to judge the ability of a band. Journey is amazing band, and Glee does them proud. While I took the athlete road in high school, I always envied the “chorus kids” who could captivate our entire school during assemblies and concerts.

High school was an interesting time for me. While I had friends and found my own niche within West High School, I also had another persona that took shape after school at swim practice. I had another group of friends and even played a different role in the pool than I did when I walked the halls of my school. As a grown adult, I have a hard time figuring out which of these identities I want to hold true to.

My friends in high school were limited and close. While they appreciated me for who I was, they never fully understood my commitment to the sport of swimming. Waking up at 3:40am to drive an hour to practice didn’t make sense to them, when, in my mind, it was the only option. I was constantly torn between football games and swim practice. More often than not, I chose swim practice.

It is no surprise then that my fiance is someone who I met in high school on my club swim team. Like me, he related more to the people that he spent 5 hours in the pool with than the kids who he spent 7 hours walking the halls of high school with. I am extremely grateful that Matt understands and shared the commitment to swimming and to a team that was so much greater than ourselves.

Sometimes I question the role I took on at swimming. While I had numerous friends and was someone who other kids looked up to; I very easily took on the role of “mean girl” and used my popularity on the swim team to hurt others. It is surprising that although this was years ago, I still think about the people who were left in my wake as I sped toward the future.

Shows like Glee make me miss high school. It is funny, when I was 16-18 years old, I couldn’t wait for the next phase of my life. Now, as a 27 year old, I would give almost anything to turn back the hands of the clock and go back to high school. I know it wouldn’t be easy and I would still have to make those tough decisions between football games and swim practice, but I can only hope that I would do it with more grace than I did at the age of 16.

I love Glee for the sentimental feelings it washes upon me. I will never forget the feeling I had after we won the NH state field hockey championship. I will always remember the sound of my best friend’s laughter as we stole political signs from the side of the road. I will smile when I think about the bus trips I took to Buffalo. And I will never forget the first dates, first kisses and late nights that gave my parents too many grey hairs. Thank you Glee for reminding me of the good times in high school.