My Little Prima Donna

Matt and I are going to Miami this weekend for the 4th of July (weird, I know). This is from the conversation we had this morning regarding checking bags:

Molly:  Are you going to check your bag or carry it on?
Matt: Probably just carry it on. What about you?
Molly: I wanted to check my bag because my shampoo, sun screen, etc isn’t small enough to carry on.
Matt:  ok. can you bring my hair gel then?
Molly:  sure
Molly: whoa! you weren’t going to bring hair gel?
Matt:  no, i was bringing yucky hair gel and just hoping i would make it through security.

While I consider myself a relatively “low maintenance” girl, Matt certainly makes up for it on his end! I think New York is turning him metrosexual…. yet another reason for us to get our of this city!