Give My Regards to Broadway

My mom has been talking about going to see the musical South Pacific for years. At first it started out with subtle hints to my father, then it progressed to my sister and I, and ended with her flat-out saying “I want to see South Pacific. Someone take me!” So for Christmas, Abby and I got my parents tickets to see it. ¬†We had to give them more of an IOU since we didn’t know when my parents would be visiting NYC. I personally love IOU presents. They are creative, personalized and half the time, the people who you give them to forget to redeem them. You get all the credit of a great present, but don’t actually have to deliver something!¬†Unfortunately, my parents are redeeming their IOU this weekend.

I went to the half-priced ticket stand that is located down at the South Street Seaport, fairly close to my work. The stand opens at 11am, so I planned to show up at 10:45. Clearly, 15 minutes early would be plenty of time and put me at the front of the line. I had a tour scheduled this morning for some anxious NYC parents (aren’t they all anxious?) which ended early so I made my way over the South Street immediately following it. Thank goodness I got their early. I arrived at 10:15 and the line was already 25 people deep. As I stood in line waiting, the line behind me grew and grew until it was well over 100 people before the doors were even open!

It took a few minutes for me to get to the front of the line and when I did, I got a great price (50% off) and great seats (Orchestra). I am thankful for the ease of the TKTS booth, and my credit card bill is definitely thankful for the steep discounts! If you are planning to visit New York City at any point , and plan to see a show (which I HIGHLY recommend you do) definitely stop in at one of the TKTS booths to pick up tickets at a great price. Just make sure you get there early and know which shows you want to see!

Half-Priced Tickets