The Brainwashing Begins

Last night Abby and Bexley stopped by our apartment on their long drive to New Hampshire. While I have had the pleasure of meeting Bexley multiple times, Matt had yet to meet the new addition to our family. And although he is pretty allergic to dogs, he decided to risk his heath and play with Abby’s partner in crime.

Unfortunately, he was able to brainwash her (using cheese as a bribe) pretty quickly… not sure how my Ohio State family members are going to feel about this…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What’s in a Name?

Yesterday as I was walking down the street to me apartment, I noticed a guy walking two french bulldogs coming towards me. We have a lot of dogs that live in out building and you often see them out on our street. However, I had never seen these two little guys before. I was sort of staring at the owner to see if I recognized him when he said:

“Hey Molly!”

I immediately tried to rack my brain to figure out how I knew him… just as I was smiling and about to say hi, I realized that he was actually speaking to the  dog that was behind me.

Thanks mom and dad for giving me a dog name. I really appreciate it.

True Love

I am taking a break today from my vacation re-cap for three reasons:

1. It has come to my attention that many people are jealous of our awesome trip and I don’t want to rub it in further by talking, yet again, about our vacation.
2. All of my vacation pictures are on my computer at home.
3. I had a funny conversation this morning that is worth repeating.

One of my good friends Noelle (author of Jaded Inspiration), and I were chatting online this morning. Typically, we both sit at our desks at work and complain about our lives to each other. Common conversations include the following:

1. Complaining about the fact that we are smarter than everyone else we work with.
2. Complaining about the fact that we are smarter and better looking than our significant others.
3. Our love for Dunkin Donuts
4. Reeses (Noelle’s dog)
5. Emailing/texting each other when the other one isn’t online to figure out what not.

Below is the conversation I had with Noelle this morning:

me:  HEY!
Noelle:  supppppp
me:  not much. pretending to do work but really working on my wedding
Noelle:  sweeeet. hows that going
me:  pretty good. finalizing our save the date and guest list. i can’t decide if i should give you a plus one
Noelle:  dont bother
me: how has bobby (AKA her husband Justin) been behaving lately?
Noelle: hes been fun. he came with me to the gay bar
me:  no way. that is true love
Noelle:  yup. he loves me

So yet again, Noelle has shown me all that I have to look forward to once I am married. Honestly, I can’t wait. Right now, I can’t even convince Matt to watch “Brokeback Mountain”  – just wait till we are married!

Man’s Best Friend

My parents got a dog shortly after they were married. Like most couples, the dog served as practice for when they had kids. I am pretty certain that if they had not had a dog first, my sister  and I would have been pretty messed up.

Not only did my dog eat my Halloween candy two years in a row, but she also ate an entire box of chocolate bars that we were supposed to sell to raise money for our swim team. She happily ate candy bar after candy bar without a care in the world, and more impressively, without any sort of repercussions. Everyone knows that chocolate is deadly for dogs, but apparently, not for Traveler.

One night, before Abby and I were born, my parents had a party. Since Traveler was a pretty wild dog, they decided to put her in the basement for the duration of the party. Afterwards, they let her out and noticed that she was acting sort of strange. She was walking around really slowly and had a glazed-over look on her face. They went down into the basement to see if anything was out of place and realized what was wrong. All of the extra drinks had been stored in the basement along with Traveler and they noticed teeth marks in all of the beer cans. Not only that, but the soda cans were left untouched. Thankfully, by the time Abby and I were born, my parents had learned that they shouldn’t lock us in the basement with a bunch of bud lights.

For years, using stories like these, I have been trying to convince Matt that we should get a dog. His excuse has always been, “I’m allergic.” After showing him this video, I may have finally convinced him…