High School Sweethearts


Like Matt and I, my friend Noelle and her husband, Justin, met in high school on their school’s swim team. They dated long distance in college and eventually got married a few years after graduating college. She is my #1 go to for relationship advice, complaining about Matt’s incompetence and general life advice.

Today she sent me the following email:

Subject: Reason Justin did not take out the trash

Body of the email: “It didn’t look full”




This email prompted me to ask her “how did we end up with such idiots?” Her response was spot on. “We locked them in early and attributed their ridiculousness to adolescence.”

Sometimes marrying your high school sweet heart isn’t so romantic. Just ask us! Don’t worry Noelle, at least we have each other. And blogs to publicly shame our husbands.

Olympic Contender


Last night I decided to make a cup of tea to enjoy before I went to bed. I don’t own a tea kettle, so I had to heat up the water in the microwave. As I was waiting for it to heat up, I decided to start unloading the dishwasher (you know how I love to multitask). It didn’t take me too long to put two and two together – I could race the timer on the microwave and see if I could beat it. Ahh, finding competitive aspects to household chores… love it.

I picked up my pace – I only had 2 minutes and 15 seconds to unload everything and put it away in the proper pace. It didn’t take long for me to visualize my myself competing for the gold medal in “dishwasher unloading” at the 2012 Wifery Olympics. I  felt my heartbeat quicken as the seconds ticked down. I threw the last spoon into the silverware drawer a few seconds before the timer went off. VICTORY!

And just think…I was making some nice chamomile tea to enjoy before bed –  something that I thought would provide a little calmness to my night.