I Did It!

Running a marathon has been on my bucket list for a while. While it wasn’t easy, and took two years to actually get there and a whole lot of support from my friends, family and co-workers, I’m thrill to say “I Did It!”




Here is a sweet round up of the best posters along the course: 23 Best Marathon Signs

I definitely remember seeing #1 and thinking of my sister-in-law Courtney, #6, #9, I didn’t see #12 but that song was on my playlist thanks to Matt, and a lot of signs like #14 (sorry Mom, I don’t know why people are so mean to you). The other sign I saw a lot of said “You are running better than the government” but it wasn’t included in this round up.

All in all, the marathon was a great experience (although I am still trying to recover). It was a great day to be a New Yorker, especially one who loves Boston. Thank you to everyone who helped get me across the finish line!

Black Eyed Peas Recap

On Friday September 30th, the Peas, Robin Hood and 60,000 New Yorkers gathered in one place to help our neighbors in need. Every cent that raised (4 million dollars) will be distributed by Robin Hood to the most effective poverty-fighting programs in New York City. As our executive director, David Saltzman said “this is a good old fashioned barn-raising;” people coming together to help people.

As many of you will remember, back in June, Robin Hood had a Black Eyed Peas concert scheduled and we were forced to cancel the show at the very last minute due to lightning. Some good did come out of the first “show” as you can see in these video:


Thankfully, we rescheduled the show and this time, despite some green rain drops a few hours into the show, it was a huge success. And let’s be honest, I wasn’t a huge Black Eyed Peas fan before all of this. Now, “I just can’t get enough.” They truly embrace the Robin Hood mission and want to give back. I am sure there are naysayers out there, but from where I sit, these are good people.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the evening.







My favorite part of the show was when my co-workers and I got to go up on stage and take in the view of the 60,000 people. We just kept turning to each other and saying, “It is really happening.” Sometimes it is hard to believe that I get paid to do this.

The Ultimate Rock Weekend Preview

I am still recovering the past weekend, where Robin Hood hosted the ultimate rock weekend in New York City.

Friday night we held our reschedule Black Eyed Peas show that had been cancelled back in June and Saturday we helped to celebrate Sting’s 60th Birthday with a few of his famous friends. Both evenings were a huge success but were both physically and emotionally draining. Here are a few pictures to hold you over.


Pace Yourself

With two weeks to go until the Pan Mass Challenge I am starting to feel a mix of emotions: excitement, happiness and a small dose of nervousness. Although the PMC has been the best weekend of my life for the past two years, it is not a weekend that passes without a lot of effort. Biking 190 miles in two days is a challenge: mentally and physically. I have been trying to prepare myself with bike rides in Central Park and riding on my trainer while watching the Tour De France (yes, just call me Dupree, from the movie You Me and Dupree). Unfortunately, a lesson that I have been trying to learn for 27 years, is still posing problems for me; the lesson of pacing oneself.

The other day, I decided to ride 3 laps of the park (each lap is 6 miles). I started out strong averaging 18.5 miles per hour. By the second lap, my average dropped to 18.1 and by the third I was down to 17.4. I went out after it and crashed and burned.

One of my most memorable swims was in the 200 backstroke at the Ivy Championships in 2004. I went hard. I was more than 2 full seconds ahead of the field at the halfway point. Unfortunately, I crashed and burned.

Event 16 – Women’s 200 Yard Backstroke

Molly Brethauer       Harvard       JR

28.05        57.59 (29.54)      1:29.20 (31.61)           2:02.95 (33.75)

I finished the event in 5th place.

During my first half marathon, Boston’s Run To Remember, I ran my first mile in 7 minutes. I finished the race in 1 hour and 58 minutes, making my pace over 9 minutes per mile. Again, I crashed and burned.

Today went I rode 4 laps around the park, I tried to pace myself. I started off nice and easy; however it wasn’t long before another bike rode by me… a girl. Clearly my plan of pacing myself went out the window. I raced around for 2 more loops before complete crashing and burning. On my last loop, my average pace dropped significantly. Thankfully, I finished my ride ahead of the girl who caused me to forget my pace.

So while I am still learning to pace myself in many aspects of my life, I can go to sleep tonight, tired, but feeling victorious. I won. Who cares that no one else in the park knew there was a race going on.


Apartment Therapy

I am not sure if I should thank my friend Jessi for introducing me to the blog Apartment Therapy or if I should blame her for getting me hooked onto another blog with amazing decorating and cooking ideas. Either way, I have wasted away my entire morning and much of my afternoon searching through the site and I am now sufficiently jealous of anyone who:

1. Owns their own place, allowing them to have free reign over their decorating abilities. I am stuck adhering to apartment rules and temporary designs.

2. Lives in the suburbs and has SPACE. My 850 square foot apartment can’t hold all of my creative ideas, much less the products of those ideas and inspirations

3. Has more than a small desk and a sewing machine to create amazing works of art. I am still trying to figure out how to bring more “craft supplies” into the apartment without Matt noticing.

Here are a few of my favorite things from Apartment Therapy:

If only I had a garage with a work bench. Matt has it in his head that when we register for wedding gifts he is going to get all sorts of sweet tools. Considering that we live in NYC, and most likely will live there for at least 5-6 more years, I think tools and a workbench are out of the question! However, I am willing to let him register for them and store them for that length of time if he promises to make me this!

Honestly, who wouldn’t want an all pink kitchen? It would be like living in the Barbie Dream House!

This reminds me of the forts that Abby and I used to make out of blankets in our living room – only it is the grown-up version. I still think that I should move to Africa so I can justify hanging a mosquito next over my bed (which I did in middle school). In my mind, the more things you can do to make your bed resemble a cocoon, the better.

I can not imagine having this playhouse in my backyard. Not only is it bigger than my apartment, but it is in a tree! My father promised to build Abby and I a treehouse when we moved to our “new” house when I was 4 years old. My parents still live in that house, and there is still no treehouse. Adding to the list of things my dad promised but never delivered on: tire swing, sky light for Abby’s room and swimming pool… Ok, I don’t think he promised the last one, but Abby and I REALLY wanted a swimming pool (like we didn’t spend enough time swimming without one!) We found a solution to this problem by filling a huge plastic trashcan with water from the hose and “swim around” in it. The water never got above 65 degrees and you couldn’t do anything besides dunk your body. For some reason, we thought this was a good substitute for a pool (clearly Abby and I were very “special” growing up).

Anyway, I would like to cash in on my father’s promise of a treehouse. I have a nice spot picked out in Central Park, so Dad, whenever you are available please bring your tools to NYC and get started!

A Walk Through Central Park

Central Park is one of my most favorite places in New York City. This weekend, after a fun day starting with delicious New York bagels, wedding dress shopping, a walk on the High Line, and a drink at the Frying Pan, we took a stroll through Central Park. You honestly never know what you are going to see in New York. I think my video sums up my findings the best.

Personal World Records

“What was my time?”

After each race, as I climbed out of the pool and looked to my timers, these were the first four words out of my mouth. As I got older and technology got better I was able to turn my head and see my time posted on the scoreboard high above. In a sport that is based entirely on your time and results are clear, you begin to become obsessed with the clock. Getting your hand on the wall faster than your opponents is crucial and making various “cut times” for different meets, is the sole focus of your season. As age group swimmers, Abby and I attended the “Top 10 Banquet” nearly every year. This event recognized swimmers at various age groups, who had posted a time that was in the top 10 for New England Swimming. (Interesting side note: Matt and I were both invited to these events as 10 & under swimmers, but it was before we  officially met. I am fairly certain, that the little boy who used to cut in front of me as I waited patiently in line for a  Shirley Temple, had to have been Matt). Although going to these events meant missing  crucial hours of Trick-Or-Treating, we loved going and being honored for our “fast times.”

The faster you became, the harder it was to drop time and your focus on dropping seconds, became tenths of a second, and finally to hundredths. So many races are won or lost by hundredths of a second. I am sure that almost everyone witnessed Michael Phelps’ miraculous win at the Beijing Olympics in the 100 Butterfly. He out touched the second place swimmer by just 1/100th of a second.

After graduating from college, my swimming career sadly came to an end.  Transitioning from an athlete to a young profession has been hard. I wish that there was a way  to document success in the workplace that is black and white like a time. While there are performance reviews and successful “deals,” there is no score board to look to at the end of work day, to see where you pan out.

Over the weekend, Matt and I competed in the JP Morgan Run As One that was held in Central Park. This four mile race is one of the many events that New York Road Runners puts on during the year. Matt and I joined Road Runners this year and have already competed in 4 races this Spring. This past weekend, I achieved a Personal World Record (PWR)! While I have only run that distance once before a few weeks ago in the Run for Haiti, knowing that the second time I ran the course, I improved and achieved a better time, brings a smile to my face. Now, if only I could figure out a way to achieve a PWR at my job, or in terms of my “fiance-abilities”, I would be all set.

I Love NYC (in the Spring Time)

When people visit New York they take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, ride the elevators up the top of Empire State Building, walk on Wall Street and see the Bull statue, or visit one of the many renowned museums. They see a show on Broadway or eat at an acclaimed restaurant. There are certainly a lot of experiences to write home about in New York; however, sometimes, it is the little things that most people who live in New York enjoy the most.

Today is the last day in March. It has been rainy and gross for the majority of the month which are the days where, “it sucks to live in New York,” to quote my sister. But today, the temperature hit 55 degrees and by the afternoon the sun was shining down on the city.

After an uneventful day at work, I came home and found the motivation to put on my workout clothes and lace up my running shoes. With my iPod set to repeat on my all Miley playlist, I ran out of my building and down to the park. All of the recent wedding stress that I have been feeling disappeared as I practically skipped down the road that runs through the park.

Although I ended the run red faced with blisters in my feet, it is times like this that make me love my life.