DIY – Apron

On Sunday, as I was dominating life, I decided that I should get out my sewing machine and make an apron, something I have been meaning to do for a while.

I had purchased Amy Butler fabric online a few weeks back. I first learned about Amy Butler when Abby gave me a book of her patterns for Christmas last year. Her fabrics are fun and bright and her designs are incredible. She is definitely someone who I would love to work for.

I didn’t have a pattern for my apron, but I decided to model it off another apron that I had purchased years back, that was stained and ruined. I grabbed my seam ripper and torn the apron apart. I ended up with a pile of material that I could use as a pattern.

When I was laying out the fabric pieces on my yard of fabric, Matt got very confused. He thought I was just going to wrap the new fabric around the old, dirty, cut up fabric in order to create a new apron. Sort of like the concept of bath fitters – cover up the old, dirty bathtub, with a new one. That commercial always gives me the creeps.

Anyway, I completed the apron yesterday and love it. At points I was slightly confused as to how to sew all of my pieces together, but eventually I figured it out. Go Me!

So now, the question is, should I become a professional apron maker? I am thinking that will the sad state of the economy, less people are going out to dinner and more people are cooking. If that is the case, they certainly will need to buy aprons. Because if you are going to be stuck slaving away in the kitchen, you might as well look cute and keep your clothes clean!

In other news, there is a rumor going around that another check is going onto our wedding checklist today… sweet! More to come!