About Me

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a neighbor, a teammate. Although these titles may give you a little more understanding about the life I lead, they do not tell you who I am. I am not someone who is defined by a single relationship, or membership to a specific group. Instead, I am someone who has been shaped by these relationships and experiences I have had.
I am someone who…
– believes family is the most important thing in the world.
– loves sports and thinks that the characteristics formed through sports; dedication, hard work and an understanding of team, are fundamental to succeeding in life.
– loves kids and believes that we, as adults, can learn so much from them.
– enjoys traveling but is really a homebody at heart.
– is not a good cook, but is a good baker.
– loves roller coasters but gets sick on swings.
– sneaks an extra cookie from the cookie jar when no one is looking.
– sings in the shower.
– loves to shop.
– is competitive, but more with myself than anyone else.
– has seen the movies The Little Mermaid and The Parent Trap more times than I would like to admit.
– has a subscription to Real Simple Magazine.
– loves to have fun.

18 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Erika,
      Thanks for visiting and the support. I was surprised to find so many Red Sox fans in New York when I first moved. We are taking over this town one pin stripe at a time!

  1. Hey

    I’m from Brazil and read about you,
    hope to hear from your life (wich is just like mine) soon.

    Thanks for the words.
    Made my life a lot more Simple.

  2. nice site you have here….love the way you write…clear and i strangely feel like im reading a book… a really good “unputdownable” book .im sorry if that sounded strange but it was meant well haha! anyways…keep writing well. :)

  3. Hi
    I’ve really enjoyed to read your ”about me ” . you have a great talent for writing .
    In fact I would love to improve my English and learn about English and found your blog .
    by the way i truly like your blog’s title ”focusonthelittlethings” .

  4. Dear Precious Woman,
    There is one person who would be the perfect parent for you. His name is Heavenly Father, or God. He loves you no matter what and His eyes are always upon you. You can access Him any time by prayer and He will speak to you deep in your heart as you listen for His answers. He loves you so much and in fact He is inviting you to be His Daughter!

  5. Greetings….

    I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award.. thank you for being a bright and beautiful inspiration.

    The RULES for this award are as follows:

    1. Thank the person nominating your for the award: Check

    2. List ten things about yourself: Here is the link to my previous acceptance.

    3. Nominate SIX blogs you think deserve the Kreativ Blogger Award.

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