Pantry Purge

So yesterday I wrote about the 31 day purge that my mom, sister and I are participating in. Our first activity was to purge our pantries. While none of us have full-blown walk-in pantries, we all have a cupboard or two that we store our food in.

My mom recently renovated her kitchen and put in drawers that pull out into her pantry, something she has wanted for years! She didn’t think that she needed to do a pantry purge since she literally just did a similar activity… However, when I was home this weekend, I was disappointed that these beautiful new drawers weren’t quite as organized as I thought they could/should be. So after berating my mother on the phone for a solid 10 minutes, she decided she would tackle this challenge. I don’t know about you, but I definitely see a difference! That being said, I still think she can use a couple more bins/baskets and of course, more labels.


Abby has the smallest kitchen of the three of us, and as a result, is very limited on her storage space. She has two small cupboards that she stores her food in. Unfortunately, she forgot to take before photos but hopefully you get a sense of her purging abilities. I told her that not knowing what is in the fabric bins is killing me – get some labels on those!


Of course I took this activity pretty seriously. What could have been a 15 minute event turned into an hour-long ordeal. And as you will see from my before photos, I didn’t really have all that much work to do. Since Matt and I have been doing Blue Apron on a fairly regular basis, we don’t keep nearly as much good in our house as we used to. That being said, my baking supplies rival that of a small cake bakery. You can never have too much sugar, flour and chocolate chips. It really has gotten a bit out of hand…


I didn’t take before pictures of my two other cupboards because I didn’t do a whole lot to them. Why this activity took me an hour is beyond me…


So there you have it. Three purged pantries!



One thought on “Pantry Purge

  1. Abby: Mom & Puppy peanut butter? & why is the maple syrup not refrigerated?
    Molly: I don’t know what’s in your fabric bins either.
    Nance: 10 minutes of Molly rant? You either REALLY want to be a Grandmother or you left the phone in the bathroom!

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