The Purge


A few of the blogs that I read on a regular basis are currently doing a 31 Day Purge.

To help readers clear their homes of clutter, these blogs are breaking down de-cluttering into 31 steps. Every day a new task is posted, many of which take no more than 15-30 minutes to completed. The purpose of this series is to purge your home, a little at a time. It can be overwhelming to purge all at once. By allocating a few minutes to your schedule each day, you should see a huge difference by day 31.

While Matt and I keep our apartment relatively clutter-free and more organized than most, we are in the process of trying to make room for ‘baby g’ so a good purging is in the cards. Like most challenges, they are more fun to do as a group, so I recruited my mom and sister.

Starting today, for the next 31 days, we will be taking on one task at a time. I probably won’t post all 31 to this blog – mostly because not every task applies to our home (for example, anything about a garage…) but hopefully once in a while, you will get to see how it is coming along!

Tune in tomorrow to see my pantry purge (and maybe I will share Abby’s and my mom’s if they do a good job!)

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