Hello Old Friend

Well… it has been a while. I’m hoping that you are like one of those friends who you can go months without seeing or talking to and then you reconnect and pick up right where you left off. There are no hard feelings, no blaming each other for not calling and no need to rehash the last few months. Here’s hoping, especially on that last one.

photo (22)

Since we last spoke, a lot has changed. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant — that’s right, there is a baby coming in November. We don’t know the gender, and while we know when we are expecting, we have NO idea what to expect. We’ve been reading the books, slowly filling our apartment with onesies, burp clothes and diapers and researching pediatricians. Only time will tell whether or not we are ready for this. I’m sure we’ll make mistakes but in the end, I think we are up for the challenge.

It is funny how the two long breaks I’ve taken from the blog have come when I’m in the middle of planning for life changes: first our wedding and now our baby. While both of these times have created a lot of blog-worthy material, it has been important for me to keep myself grounded and prevent my own over-sharing of personal moments. While I love the support that this blog has given me over the years, there are some moments that I want to keep for just Matt and me as we start our family.

But don’t worry – I won’t make the blog entirely baby-free. [Insert obligatory bump pic – full disclosure this is from week 27].

photo (23)

So hopefully you can forgive my absence and together we can move forward. We can get through these next 10 weeks which will undoubtably be filled with a growing belly, swollen ankles and hopefully lots of pampering from Matt. And after 10 weeks, the fun will just be starting.

3 thoughts on “Hello Old Friend

  1. Yay! I was wondering when this would make it to the blog! I am so excited for you. And I agree with Abby, At 27 weeks you just look like you ate too much!

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