Conversations with My Husband

Matt:  I want one of the new taco bell breakfast tacos
me:  hmm, that made me love you a little less
Matt:  it’s even recommended by Ronald McDonald
me:  I don’t even know what that means

The taco shell is a waffle How sweet is that?

me:  I am not sure what is more disturbing, the fact that you want to eat that disgusting crap or that there are so many people named Ronald McDonald

The Magic that is Morgan Freeman’s Voice

No, you aren’t the only one who has noticed that I’ve been slacking on my posts lately. Life got in the way again…
I must admit, my return isn’t actually happening because today’s post is from our favorite guest blogger and fellow philanthropist, Dan Parziale. During his first appearance he wrote about growing spouts and in his second, he introduced all of you to the incredible non-profit that he works for, Aid Still Required. Well, today he is back and he’s here to talk to you about something white people love… the sound of Morgan Freeman’s voice.
Just kidding. Dan is really here to tell you about some of the incredible work that Aid Still Required is doing and an opportunity to meet the man with the magical voice himself!
I have been a guest writer on this blog a couple of times and Molly has been gracious enough to let me come back. 

I work for Aid Still Required, a nonprofit based in Los Angeles doing most of our work in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Darfur and Haiti.  If you are interested in our mission, I have it copied below and feel free to check out our website.

Morgan Freeman just agreed to offer an experience with him to raise funds for Aid Still Required.  The winner will get 2 tickets to meet him on the red carpet at the premier of Transcendence, 2 tix to the premier and 2 tix to the after party. It will be April 10th in LA and we need your help promoting this.  Its auction style at $10/try and the contest will be hosted by
SO–I’d greatly appreciate you heading over to and jumping in the game AND please pass it along to everyone you know. Yes this will reduce your chances of winning, but something tells me that if they win, they’ll bring you along.
Thanks so much.  You’re all beautiful.  Even you Englehardt.

Aid Still Required works to shift the way we think about emergency relief by launching large awareness campaigns with the help of dozens of celebrities around the anniversaries of different environmental disasters. Right now, close to 70% of relief funds are spent in the first 3 months without much thought going into long term redevelopment.  As a result, they get thousands of people (or hundreds of thousands) who are kept alive with emergency medical care, water, food and shelter, but who months later still can’t rebuild in a sustainable way.  Clearly, immediate relief is necessary, but they need to rethink the way it is administered to be most efficient and effective over the long term.

ASR then uses these campaigns to raise funds for programs that are focused on environmental protection, long term independent sustainability, and gender equality. They are working with those communities who have been forgotten and they hope that what they do will influence other international NGOs to rethink the way they approach their work as well.