Role Reversal

On Monday night I participated in the city’s annual HOPE count. 

Every year, the Department of Homeless Services conducts an annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE) to gather information about the city’s street homeless population.

Hundreds of volunteers canvass parks, subways, and other public spaces in the middle of the night to estimate the number of people living unsheltered in the city. The information gathered is invaluable; it helps both the City and Robin Hood adjust efforts to make the greatest possible impact on helping the chronically homeless to realize better lives. 

While the evening was a success, I didn’t get home until 3:30am. I am definitely someone who needs 8 hours of sleep, so when my alarm went off at 7:45am, I was not a happy camper. I went through the day, pretty much like a zombie. Thankfully, I was able to go home a little early from work. I tried to nap but kept getting distracted and ended up only falling asleep for a few minutes. 

When Matt got home after a long day at work, I was pretty much useless. I could barely get off the couch. I certainly couldn’t make him dinner. And the thought of doing any sort of chore, be it laundry, dishes etc. made my head spin.

Then I realized… I was pretty much acting like Matt does every night!

photo (21)

Thankfully Matt was able to scramble up some eggs and feed himself. But let’s not start thinking too highly of him… I found a pile of his dishes in the sink this morning.

Hmm, if only the role reversal was complete…