How to Treat a Case of Boredom

When I was younger, I hated being bored. And my mom hated it even more.

“Mom… I’m bored. What can I do?”

So in order to keep myself entertained, I would spend some time thinking of things that I could potential be doing. This list would contain things like:

  1. Read for 30 minutes
  2. Rearrange the furniture in my room (this one was a favorite of mine, but didn’t always make my mom happy)
  3. Clean out my clothes
  4. Hold a lemonade stand
  5. Write a story
  6. Bake cookies
  7. Ride my bike around the block
  8. Make a mixed tape
  9. Make greeting cards
  10. Go outside and weed the flower beds (I never actually did this, but I would put it on the list)

Once I had a sufficient list, I would put write them each on small pieces of paper and put them in a jar. I would then pull them out and start doing each activity, one by one. Yup, I turned making to do lists into a game… at the age of 8.

This past weekend Matt and I literally had zero plans. We went out with our friends who just moved to Brooklyn on Friday night and then basically did nothing the rest of the weekend. I loved it… Matt was bored. So he started making to do lists for our apartment.

Now anyone who walks into our apartment would probably think it looks pretty good. The only thing you might notice are our lack of chairs around our dining table or the lack of pictures on the walls (which you would soon realize are all on the floor behind the couch). Well, apparently Matt is was SO bored this weekend that he decided to point out every little thing that we need to get done. That didn’t bother me too much. What bothered me was that he then wanted to cross every single thing off the to do list, within the next 5 minutes.

Here is the list he created:




Main Bedroom

  1. Buy a bed
  2. Hang photos
  3. Purchase two IKEA rast dressers, and update them to look like this for bedside tables (please ignore the face that this one is in a nursery. Yes, I have the same taste as a 6 month old).
  4. Buy a rug, or rugs



Living Room/Kitchen

  1. Buy an oversized piece of art for the living room
  2. Buy a bar cart (like this one) and accessorize it. Ok, Matt didn’t want to accessorize it. I’m not even sure he knows what that means.
  3. Buy chairs for our dining table. I want these but I can’t stomach the price. Anyone know where I can find similar ones?
  4. Determine if we want another bookshelf in the living room
  5. Buy new couches, coffee table, and rug (long term)



Second Bedroom/Matt’s Office

  1. Hang pictures
  2. Buy a duvet cover for the comforter
  3. Buy a floor lamp
  4. Move bedside table from main bedroom into this room once the new bedside tables are done
  5. Buy a rug

photo (16)

photo (17)

Molly’s Craft Nook

  1. Hang pictures
  2. Accessorize desktop (again, my addition, not Matt’s)
  3. Buy a new computer (I’m torn between a desktop and a laptop).

Hasn’t he ever read Young House Love? They get stuff done but in a well thought-out manner. They aren’t rushing around trying to get everything done in one weekend.

Thankfully Matt compromised and just told me that I needed to get two things crossed off the list.

We had a few other, non-apartment things on our to-do this, so at the end of the weekend, we had accomplished the following:

  1. Purchased two rugs for our main bedroom
  2. Purchased a floor lamp for the second bedroom/Matt’s office
  3. Hung up some pictures in both bedrooms and my craft nook
  4. Made attempt number #1 at an apple pie with a lattice crust (part of my fall to do list). Unfortunately it didn’t come out that well… looks like I will be trying again next weekend
  5. Planned 3 dinners for the upcoming week and purchased everything from the grocery store

And finally, Matt booked a vacation for us this November; a post-marathon celebration. I guess it pays to keep him bored. I end up with a trip to Mexico and the apartment starts coming together! That’s a whole lot better than the 75 cents that I would raised at my lemonade stands back in the day.

One thought on “How to Treat a Case of Boredom

  1. Loved the “weeding” on your tdl. Ha!
    Next time you’re bored you can come help me throw things away (maybe you would even find items to complete your apartment)! Rethink the dining room chairs, not a good choice if kids ate in the future, if that is far off, then check out consignment stores – let someone else take the depreciation hit!
    I vote for laptop!

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