A Healthy Dose of Parents


Whenever I get cranky for an extended period* of time, Matt asks me one of  three questions:

  1. When was the last time you worked out?
  2. Are you having “lady” problems?**
  3. Did I do something wrong?***

If none of these things seem to be the reason of my crankiness, Matt knows that it is probably time for some Brethauer family bonding.

“Take two days with your parents/sister and call me in the morning.”


So this weekend, as Matt leave for the land of the Golden Dome and Touch Down Jesus to cheer on his overrated beloved football team, my parents were called in to do some damage control.  While I had seen my parents relatively recently at a family get-together in Pennsylvania, I think the problem was that they hadn’t come to visit me since Matt and I moved to New Jersey. I found it very unsettling that (1) my parents didn’t have a good mental image of me in my new apartment and (2) they couldn’t give accurate opinions on furniture placement, rug patterns or dining room chair styles.

Well, thankfully, my parents came to visit me this weekend to address these concerns.

We had a great weekend that included a few of the following highlights:

  • We volunteered with Coalition for the Homeless and distributed hundreds of meals to New Yorkers in need.

photo (35)

  • Celebrated Oktoberfest with a beer and pretzel at Pilsner Haus

photo (36)

  • Remembered why it is great to be an American in Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park

It was a great weekend that began with a NH gift basket: REAL maple syrup from the homeland, tomatoes from their local farm and homemade cookies. It ended with hugs and promises to return (hopefully soon)! It was just what the doctor my loving husband ordered.



*I had to include this descriptor because, as most of you know, I can get cranky often. The biggest triggers of my short-term crankiness are when I am tired or hungry. And forget it when I am both. Hangry Molly comes out and she is not pleasant.

** Sorry if this is TMI, but it wouldn’t seem realistic if I didn’t include it.

*** No honey, you never do anything that upsets me. Oh wait… we are trying to keep this realistic.

One thought on “A Healthy Dose of Parents

  1. i wrote a note yesterday but it must have journeyed into cyberspace. we had such a great time with you over the weekend. we love your apartment and even liked new jersey. i love visiting you and just wish you lived closer:(

    ps thanks for choosing pictures where i have my eyes open!!!

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