Falling in Love with Fall


Sunday was the first day of Fall, my absolute favorite season. There is nothing better a beautiful fall day and a pumpkin latte. Fall is really the only season where a vest makes sense, pumpkin beer is on tap at nearly ever bar and you see more football jerseys than any other article of clothing.

Since it is officially a new season, what better way to start fresh then with a Fall To-Do List. Check out some of the things I want to do this Fall, and let me know what you are looking forward to.

Fall To-Dos:

  1. Make three new soups. I am thinking thai pumpkin soup, white velvet soup, and sweet potato soup with spicy jalapeno
  2. Go apple picking (Matt, don’t let me down) and make (1) apple sauce, (2) an apple pie with a perfect, Martha Stewart-esk, lattice crust and (3) deep fried apple pie bites
  3. Host a pre-football game brunch at our new apartment
  4. Run the New York City Marathon on November 3rd (well, I guess it is official now… I announced it on the blog, I’ve got to do it!)
  5. Carve a pumpkin
  6. Visit my sister in VA
  7. Volunteer with at least 4 different Robin Hood funded programs.
  8. Buy our very first REAL Christmas tree. and because we have 15′ high ceilings in our new apartment, I’ll be eyeing a big one!
  9. Make these bedside tables: For Me, For Matt
  10. Go on a Hike. I hear Bear Mountain is good but welcome other suggestions!

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