The Magic is Gone

Sorry Grandpa, this one is probably going to go way over your head*


I’m not sure what was a bigger let down…

Finding out that Milli Vanilli was a fraud.















Or finding out that this amazing video:

Was a Jimmy Kimmel set up:

Thanks Jimmy, you just revealed that Santa isn’t real and now Christmas is ruined.


* Last weekend, Matt and I went to Pennsylvania for a family get together. It was so much fun to hang out with my parents, aunt and uncle, Abby and my grandfather. While there, my¬†94 year old grandfather, who is a regular blog reader and VIP commenter, mentioned that some of my blog posts” just go over his head”. I’m assuming this will be one of them, since twerking probably doesn’t happen much in the senior citizen social scene. But who knows, maybe I am wrong ;)