Will You Read to Me?

Robin Hood loves to celebrate things. It seems like there is birthday cake in our office nearly every week, champagne for wedding showers a few times a year, and finger foods for baby showers at least once a year. Since I started at Robin Hood two and a half years ago, there has always been at least one person who was pregnant. The latest in the string of expecting mothers is now a few weeks away from her due date, so the task of hosting a shower has arrived. Unfortunately, the mother-to-be is going to be working from home the last few weeks so we can’t throw her an actual party. Instead, folks on her team came up with a great idea. In lieu of a traditional shower, we’ll Robin Hood staff are going to start a library for the baby, with the hope that the collection reflects Robin Hood staff favorites. We were asked to submit the title of our favorite childhood book and to include a note as to what you loved about it or why it was your favorite. I loved this idea. Unfortunately, I can’t decide which book title to submit – I have too many favorites. Here are a few of the contenders.


Where the Wild Things Are – I mean, it doesn’t get much more classic that this. The pictures, the story, the imagination that it stirred inside me as a child definitely couldn’t be topped.

The Polar Express – I love Christmas and this story captures the truly magical feeling that this holiday/season presents. I love the pictures in this book and the way that it makes you believe. My mother had a collection of holiday books that would only be on the bookshelves during the period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was the biggest treat to revisit my favorite holiday stories with her during that time.

The Complete Tails of Winnie the Pooh – I was a big Winnie-the-Pooh fan growing up (well, who am I kidding. I still am) so my mother decided (ever the educator) that instead of just watching the cartoon that was part of Saturday morning cartoons, we should read the books. Before I went to sleep, she would come into my room and read a few pages from the book each night. I loved those times together and can’t wait to share this story with my children (some day!).

Robert the Rose Horse – This was a favorite of mine when I was about 6 years old. My grandmother first introduced me to this book, as it was part of their small children’s book collection that they kept on hand for our visits. My grandmother would read the book with such enthusiasm and even ad-libed some of her own lines that would leave me in a fit of laughter.  A few years ago my grandmother gave me her copy, which was very worn and loved, as a Christmas present. It was one of the most meaningful presents I’ve ever received.

What are some of your favorite children’s books?

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