Couples Workout

Matt and I have been working out a lot together recently. Here is our pre workout snack from this morning.

Normally I love working out with Matt; however, recently things have gotten a little heated.

After I bought new pair of Nike Frees Matt also decided that he wanted some. But instead of letting him just go and buy yet another pair of sneakers I told him he had to earn it.

We decided that in order for Matt to get the shoes, he had to beat me Ina crossfit type workout. Well – after a handful of workouts Matt has yet to get new shoes…

Last night our workout was the closest yet. Matt had an early lead by I was able to close the gap and beat him by 1 sit up. Needless to say he wasn’t very happy.

Quickly allegations (from both sides) came up regarding proper form and disqualification. Sorry Matt, maybe you’ll get those shoes next time ;)

Maybe it is time to take a break from couples workout.

3 thoughts on “Couples Workout

  1. Poor Matt…..I bet if he had better shoes he would be a better match for you!!! Lets do a tri on Sunday.

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