Sunday Afternoon Round Up

 (I can’t even talk about this)

I made this for dinner on Monday and Matt LOVED it.

I made a big batch of this – I think it will last me a lifetime.

I’m just loosening my arm

I’m confident Abby could have powered through a few jellies.

If you are looking to do some trespassing, here are some good destinations.

I think a cruise ship is the last thing I would want named after me.

Awkward Father’s Day photos.

Magical firefly forest.

Governor’s Muddy Ball

Over the weekend Matt and I went to the Governor’s Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island in NYC. Despite the rain on Friday that created a 4-6 inch deep mud field the remainder of the weekend, it was a lot of fun.



photo (10)







I tried to embrace the ever popular boho-hippie-chic look, although I have to admit I didn’t try very hard. I took a sparky running headband and instead of wearing it push my hair back, I wore it across my forehead – hippie style. I quickly realized that this wasn’t the smartest decision since it left an indent across my forehead. And, I looked a little silly.

photo (11) photo (12)

Thankfully, I have two more weeks until this music festival. Hopefully that will give me enough time to perfect my look ;)

Citi Bikes!

Well, it didn’t take much, but Matt and I are officially drinking the controversial Citi Bike kool-aid. This weekend we took the bikes out for a spin and ended up signing up for annual memberships.

On Saturday, after running down to Cold Process Coffee and getting injected with caffeine, we didn’t really feel like running home. Instead, we decided to test out the city’s new bike share program. After dipping our credit card and agreeing to follow the traffic laws, we were given codes to unlock our bikes.



The bikes are definitely A LOT clunkier and slower than a regular road bike but it didn’t bother me much. They are perfect for commuting and I am confident that they will be able to stand up NYC’s weather and grime.



We jumped on the bikes and road home on the path that runs along the Hudson. In about 15 minutes we were home. We had some difficulty locking our bikes into the station at 59th and West End, but luckily there was another station around the corner that accepted our bikes just fine.

Since we purchased a 24-hour membership, we had access to the bikes again on Sunday. This time we rode the bikes from 59th and Amsterdam down to brunch at 44st and 9th. While we could walk this distance, it is nearly a mile and the bikes got us there in approximately 7 minutes. After a delicious brunch at Marseille, we grabbed two more bikes from the rack and rode up to Columbus Circle. The first station we went to (57th and Broadway) was full, so we ended up riding two blocks down to 55th and Broadway – no big deal.



The bikes definitely make commuting around the city a bit more enjoyable and the recently added bike lanes make it pretty easy. I love biking, so I knew this program was probably going to be something that I enjoyed. However, the thing that I liked the most was taking control of my commute. While I do think NYC’s subway system is amazing, you are never quite sure how long you will have to wait for a train or when there might be delays. And with the traffic in the city – taxis are a shot in the dark. However, if you are up for it, Citibikes allow you as the commuter to take control. You can decide which route to take and, for the most part, you are able to zip through areas with heavy traffic (of course, following the traffic laws!). That being said – like most things in NYC, it all depends on whether or not tourists try to take part.  Right now it is mostly enthusiastic New Yorkers participating in the program. When the newbies start hitting the streets,things might get worse. But hopefully, the fact that they have bike share programs in other cities around the world bodes well.

So while I know not everyone agrees, I say “Long Live City Bikes!”


Cold Process Coffee along the Hudson

Earlier this year I wrote about a coffee tasting that one of our friends hosted with a new line of gourmet coffee beans, Lamill. Well, I’m not going to say that my blog post gave our friend, Eric, the “press” and start he needed to take Lamill to a wider audience, but I will definitely let you think that if you want.


Eric recently opened Cold Process Coffee & Tea as part of the redevelopment of Pier 57. Pier 57 is a 170,000 square-foot covered, open-air public market. Business are housed  in recycled and creatively refitted shipping containers. The market is New York’s first large-scale concentration of year-round, affordable work/sell space for artisans and other small businesses. Cold Process Coffee & Tea made their debut last month and have plans to be there through October. There are currently 4-5 other booths in the space with room to add more.







Cold Process Coffee is a unique way of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period. This lends well to an espresso based iced coffee with more flavor and certainly more caffeine than regular iced coffee.



On Saturday, Matt and I decided to run down along the Hudson River to Eric’s new “office.” As you can see from the pictures, it is an incredible space (much too hip for Matt and me). The only suggestion I would make would be to add some delicious treats to the menu.  The counter space looked a little lonely and I bet a homemade chocolate chip cookie and would go great with the iced coffee… now I wonder who you could ask to make you some (wink, wink).

It was very inspirational to see our friend taking a passion and turning it into a business. We were psyched to support Eric and definitely encourage anyone to stop by and get your daily caffeine fix. And who know’s — you just might wait in line behind a celebrity!

Friday Afternoon Round Up


I got a new phone and of course, bought this case.

One of my biggest inspirations.

This is why I’m going to move to Finland when I am ready to have a kid.

Live Free or Die!

Party boy, President Clinton.

Happy National Donut Day.

Amazing commencement speech

This looks like the best holiday ever

I can only hope I would have a similar attitude when faced with adversity.

If Martha can’t save J.C. Penney, no one can.

This almost makes me like this song

This reminds me of my grandma

Beyond excited for Sunday

Fighting Poverty… and Vampires?

Matt and I watched all three seasons of The Walking Dead in approximately 3 weeks. We became obsessed with the idea of a zombie Apocalypse and the precautions we should be taking now to prepare should one ever occur (Matt wants to buy guns while I would prefer crossbows). Well, with the season premier of HBO’s True Blood just a couple weeks away, it is time to shift our attention from zombies to vampires.

This morning I was in Brooklyn visiting one of the non-profits that Robin Hood funds. This program, Green City Force, trains young people from low-income backgrounds for sustainable careers, while reducing green-house gas emissions, and building a greener city. And apparently they are also helping the residence of this NYCHA community ward off vampires.



They recently created a massive garden for the residence, with 6 large raised beds, containing leafy greens, herbs and tons of garlic. So now, when the vampires attack, I know where to go!




Snail Mail

I just received an email from our receptionist letting me know that I have received a delivery at the front desk. I ran up the stairs, two at a time, thinking that maybe my mother sent us some cookies (she has been known to do this from time to time because she is the best mother/Robin Hood donor EVER).

Unfortunately the delivery was not cookies. It was just a $20,000 check from a donor.

In other words, in my mind, cookies are better than $20,000. It might be time to rethink my priorities.

Cookie Monster