Fighting Poverty… and Vampires?

Matt and I watched all three seasons of The Walking Dead in approximately 3 weeks. We became obsessed with the idea of a zombie Apocalypse and the precautions we should be taking now to prepare should one ever occur (Matt wants to buy guns while I would prefer crossbows). Well, with the season premier of HBO’s True Blood just a couple weeks away, it is time to shift our attention from zombies to vampires.

This morning I was in Brooklyn visiting one of the non-profits that Robin Hood funds. This program, Green City Force, trains young people from low-income backgrounds for sustainable careers, while reducing green-house gas emissions, and building a greener city. And apparently they are also helping the residence of this NYCHA community ward off vampires.



They recently created a massive garden for the residence, with 6 large raised beds, containing leafy greens, herbs and tons of garlic. So now, when the vampires attack, I know where to go!