Fun in the Office

So apparently I work with an American  record holder… in jump roping.

One of my colleagues won the world jump rope championships (who knew there was such a thing) for the 3 minute jump, 18 and over. His score was 904. And as of 2005, he held the American jump rope record of 358 jumps in  single minute. And here I thought the fact that I won the state jump rope contest in 2nd grade made me a hero.

Well, some how today, it came out that he has this secret skill. So of course, we all made him show it off a bit.


Thank goodness for slow afternoons and hidden talents!

Bitchy Resting Face

Anyone who knows me, or reads this blog, knows that I have a pretty serious condition. No, it isn’t really a health condition… but it is physical.

What I’m referring to is my neutral face. I’ve even blogged about this before… twice. Here and here.

Well apparently I am not the only one to suffer from this condition and there is now a PSA about it.

Bitchy Resting Face is a disorder that affects millions of women every day. Together we can face the problem!

Beasts of the Southern Wild

“I see that I am a little piece of a big, big universe, and that makes it right.”

Earlier this week, I finally got around to watching Beasts of the Southern Wild. I’ve wanted to see it since it began receiving so many nominations for various award shows (no, I am not going to try to pretend that I was “in the know” about this movie before then) however it never happened. I’d heard very negative reviews of the movie from some people and Matt didn’t seem too excited about it — apparently he is 6-year-old and he only wants to see super hero movies like Iron Man 3 and Man of Steal, the new superman movie. Anyway, I just never watched it. Then one day I decided to put it on our Netflix queue. It arrived on May 28th and has been sitting on my desk since.

Finally, on Monday night I decided to watch it because Matt was working late and there wasn’t anything good on tv. I can not tell you how amazing I found this movie. I can’t believe it took me so long to watch it and I want to do everything in my power to urge you to watch it.

If you aren’t familiar with the plot, Beast of the Southern Wild tells the story of a young girl (Hushpuppy) who lives with her father in “the bathtub.”  The Bathtub is an off-the-grid, flooded Delta community in Louisiana, isolated from the rest of civilization by a levy. Those that live in the Bathtub eat chicken and shrimp, forage through garbage for supplies and drink whisky with abandon. They play music and set off displays of fireworks; children are reared communally. There is celebration when a baby is born and when someone dies and for the moments in between. The movie tells the story of their community and the threat it faces every time a storm comes through and completely floods the area.

The movie use both a magical and realist lens to capture Hushpuppy’s perception of her chaotic world. The film attempts to tackle a painful reality of  this life through the understanding of a child (Hushpupy). The film presents beautiful imagery and characters that are so real, I was left in tears. I haven’t seen a movie this powerful in a long time – however, there is a bit of an artistic twist that might not appeal to everyone. But I still encourage you to see it as this is one of those rare movies that allows your to see the world through a very different lens and certainly made me think about things a bit differently.

Urban Jungle

New York City is often referred to as an Urban Jungle; however, this weekend we had the opportunity to visit the real Urban Jungle, the Bronx Zoo!


For Christmas this past year, Matt and I gave his younger sister a trip to NYC. At the time it was probably a let down. I mean, I would definitely rather get some new clothes than I lame book filled with IOUs. But hopefully, after a weekend jammed packed with fun (Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, Burgers at Shake Shack, the zoo, etc) the wait seemed worth it.




The Bronx Zoo was definitely the highlight of the weekend for me. Seeing all of the animals up close was truly magical. Of course seeing the giraffes was my favorite, but I think that seeing the gorillas was a very close second.

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I am sure there are people out there who will argue that zoos are inhuman and what not. I’m not knowledgable enough to fight that fight. So I will leave that to PETA.