Friday Afternoon Round Up

554593_10151368291221333_1270017107_n(via Boston Magazine)

NYC’s Daffodil Project

The Best Guacamole You’ll Ever Have

Politics in New Zealand are way more interesting than ours – and they sing.

If I had two Dads like hers, I’d be singing, too.

High diving giraffes!

Proof that Abby and I are nice children and our parents have it easy.

Really happy Kinsella hasn’t killed me… yet

Can’t decide if this would be an awesome or awful job

Just when you thought you couldn’t love the royal family more – turns out they are wizards!

Ellen meets Ellen

We might now be running Disney again, but we will see be princesses this weekend in DC!

2 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Round Up

  1. i am just catching up on my blog reading…those giraffes freeked me out. and that celebrity wedding planner sounds like a horrible job. but girls weekend runs sound like fun!

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