Spring Cleaning


This weekend Matt and I undertook the task of spring cleaning. I am not entirely sure what inspired Matt to lead the change in this effort, but I am not complaining. To me, the greatest way to spend an afternoon is cleaning out my closet. I love the feeling of de-cluttering and then refolding and color coding all of the clothing that I want to keep, there is no greater joy. I know, I have a sickness. So when Matt suggested that we spend the day de-cluttering our entire apartment, I felt like I died and went to heaven.

After 5 hours of cleaning, we were left with 4 bags of garbage/recyclables, 5 bags of clothing to donate and a few miscellaneous piles of thing that we needed to figure out what to do with. The piles contain the following:

CDs and DVDs – honestly, what does one do with these things? Suddenly, I fully understand why my parents had boxes of records in our basement for years. There is nowhere to put outdated technologies.

“Things for when we own a home” – This pile consists of a down duvet – when we upgraded our bed to a king, this one no longer fit; however, I want to keep it for when we have a guest room (I know, I’m dreaming), a beautiful picture frame that we got for wedding  – it really needs to live in a formal dining room (which we don’t have) with my china (which is all in a closet at my parents house), and a few other things that I want, but don’t have room for right now. Now I just need my parents to ‘swing by’ and pick all of this stuff up… I’m sure they will be thrilled to serve as my storage unit for more stuff.

Baking Supplies – well, not exactly supplies, but super cute containers to put cookies and treats in. I know, whatever happened to good old Tupperware? Blame Martha.

Craft Supplies – anyone who had been to our apartment can attest to the incredible amount of craft supplies I have managed to fit into our one bedroom apartment. Honestly, it rivals most preschools in the city. Unfortunately  my collection continues to grow. As a result, I created a pile of things that I thought might find a better home at Robin Hood’s offices. I know, lucky them!

So even after 5 hours of cleaning and a trip to Housing Works (an incredible Robin Hood funded program) to donate our clothing, there is still a bit of work to be done.  Looks like this episode of hoarders to be continued next weekend…

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. how is is possible to have five bags of clothing that you don’t need–i dont even think i have five bags of clothing total (granted i probably do have 4 bags of lulu…..)

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