New York City Moment


Yesterday I had a lengthy text conversation with my friend Lucy. The subject of our conversation was something that only happens in NYC:

Lucy: I have been going to Yoga and yesterday I had a crazy NYC moment.

Me: What?

Lucy: Before the class started I thought ‘wow this is a full class…‘ Then the instructor walked in and I thought ‘Oh, she is pretty and definitely has a blow out. Kind of weird if you are teaching yoga, but hey, it’s New York.‘ Then she introduced herself and I though ‘what a pretty name. Where have I heard that before?‘ Then halfway through the class I was like ‘shit!‘ and almost fell out of my pose because I realized that this was my yoga instructor:


Hilaria Baldwin!


Only in NYC…

One thought on “New York City Moment

  1. is it bad that even seeing that picture i dont know who that woman is?
    this is what happens when you live in fred-vegas….

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