Coffee Tasting

A few weeks ago, Matt and I went over to our friend’s office to do a coffee tasting for a line of coffee that he did some marketing work for. Lamill Coffee is a boutique coffee roaster that takes coffee very seriously. They view coffee like fine wine: coffee has notable vintages, is aged, has narrow growing parameters, and most importantly, has the depth and character of a fine wine. And they are on a mission to serve the best coffee in the world.

Matt and I were luck enough to taste a few different beans,  all freshly ground and brewed, as we learned all about coffee bean regions, roasting techniques and the proper way to brew coffee. It was definitely an educational and caffeinated experience!













IMG_0689 IMG_0690

You can find Lamill coffee at either of their two boutique stores in LA, at the Four Seasons or buy the beans online and roast in your own home!

3 thoughts on “Coffee Tasting

  1. Your Aunt & Uncle have been roasting coffee & trying to educate you for over 10 years and some upstart froo froo roaster gets the blog post?

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