Life Coming Full Circle

This past weekend Matt and I traveled down to the great state of Texas for a lovely wedding. Honestly, I can’t get enough of weddings – I love everything about them. It was a fantastic weekend, topped off by the fact that I got to visit one of my best friends Noelle  and her super cute and fluffy dog (oh yah, and her husband Justin – but clearly he is 3rd in line in importance).

The last time I visited Noelle I helped her and Justin buy new kitchen appliances for their condo. It was so much fun going to the big warehouse full of dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves and laundry machines. We walked around finding the best stainless steel appliances that, when the time came for them to sell their places, it would be “updated.” I remember leaving that weekend thinking how grown up N & J seemed, living this lovely suburban life that I knew nothing about.

Well fast forward 4 years later to the present. Instead of looking for appliances this past weekend, I was helping Noelle get her condo ready for a showing. That’s right – after living in Dallas for over 5 years, she is finally moving back to the Northeast!



So hopefully all of those updates that I got to be a part of 4 years ago will pay off and their condo will sell quickly, because I can’t wait to have her (and Justin) closer to me!



Look how much fun we are having together!
See, look how much fun we are having together!

Can’t wait to take everything I’ve learned from HGTV and put it to use in your next home. Here’s hoping for a “fix-er upper”!