A Moment of Silence

Can we all take a minute and share a moment of silence for Sherwood.



Yes, that’s right, my betta fish has died.

While some may blame me (and my lack of tank cleaning) I blame Robin Hood’s poor heating. I am 99% sure he froze to death. Thankfully, with my new 12.12.12 concert sweatshirt, I am safe from the same fate.

photo (51)

We will always remember Sherwood for the joy and happiness he brought to our office and he will be missed. Thankfully, he will be reunited with his friends Tex and Rob Lowe.

2 thoughts on “A Moment of Silence

  1. So gla you didn’t give us a “floater” picture, better remembered this way. I just finished the book “Alex And Me” aned Alex died too so I am doubly sad today.
    Think I need an African Grey for my birthday.

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