Rain Rain Go Away

Why is it that rainy weather has such a gloomy effect on me?

When I was younger I used to love the rain – especially during the summer. The rain wouldn’t stop us from having fun, if anything, it would increase it.

A little light rain wouldn’t stop us from going to the Bluffs (our swim and tennis club) but it would send other families home. As a result, Abby and I would have the whole pool to ourselves and there was no line for the diving board. It was only years later, when I was a lifeguard at the Bluffs myself, that I realized just how annoying our family must have been – forcing the lifeguards to keep the pool open and sit out in the rain while they watched us swim around.

When we weren’t at the Bluffs, Abby and I would put our bathing suits on and run around the yard stomping in puddles. Unfortunately, when I learned about acid rain in my 6th grade science class, that fun sort of died.

Other rainy day activities included making chocolate chip cookies, doing arts and crafts, trips to the library and watching Disney movies in our pjs. No wonder I liked the rain, it was so much fun.

As an adult, the rain has most of its appeal.

  • On my walk to the subway, even if I am wearing a rain coat and carrying an umbrella I will inevitably get wet.
  • The rain seems to heighten the smell of urine that is a constant on the streets of NYC.
  • I will inevitably get hit in the head by someone’s umbrella.
  • The subway smells like wet dog.
  • Unfortunately, “rain” isn’t a suitable excuse to miss work, or even to wear your pjs to the office.
  • Eating an entire bowlful of chocolate chip cookie dough isn’t an option anymore.
  • You think going to a museum on a rainy day would be fun? Oh right, so do 2.5 million other NYers.

Thankfully it looks like the sun is starting to come out!

One thought on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. And the pressure drops, inflaming sinuses resulting in no sleep while wondering if I go out to the barn will my head fit in a vice?

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