A Source of Information

Whenever I go home for the weekend my parents make a delicious and healthy home cooked meal to balance out the eating out and ordering in that often occurs in day-to-day life in NYC. Last Friday night, I was treated to a meal of chicken, beets, applesauce and

On Saturday night I decided that it would be my turn to take care of my parents and cook for them. After 2 days of chilly temperatures and constant rain, I thought a good fall soup would be nice. I told my mom that I had a great recipe for a soup that used sweet potatoes, apples and butternut squash. “In fact,” I said, “I blogged about it once.”

My mom responded by saying she had her own recipe that was really good and she immediately took to her pile of cook books and recipe files. While she was doing this, I was trying to sell her and my dad on the recipe that I had, knowing it was amazing.

I read the blog post that I wrote, (you can find this here) and reiterated just how good it was. For some reason  my mom got it set in her mind that we should use her recipe. Finally, she found it.

She brought  the printed out recipe over to me. After a quick scan, I realized that the print out page was my blog post – word for word. The recipe that she was so crazily trying to find was the very one I had pulled up on my iPad 30 minutes earlier.

I can’t lie – I was pretty psyched that my blog seemed worthy enough for her to:

  1. Print
  2. Replicate the recipe, and
  3. Make a case that the recipe was better than mine (which was the exact same recipe!

That counts as being a legitimate source, right? Pretty soon we’ll see books, newspapers and famous people citing focusonthelittlethings.com

4 thoughts on “A Source of Information

  1. Did you ever check the amount of fresh ginger? I think I sent you an email asking if it should be
    1 teaspoon vice 1tablespoon because the ginger was very strong. I never heard back oh great resource!

    1. Funny you should ask – I was telling my parents that you thought there was too much ginger so we used 1/2 a tablespoon. The original recipe called for ginger paste, which I think is less strong that ground ginger. So I would advice using 1 teaspoon if you aren’t a HUGE ginger fan and 2 if you are!

      1. I had used grated fresh ginger, not dried ground, and it took a whole huge “finger” of ginger to = 1 Tbls. Yeah, way too much imho.

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