A Bed Fit for a Princess (and Prince)

When Matt and I moved in together my sleep quality plummeted. I tend to move around when I sleep and Matt is a very light sleeper. This is a deadly combination for any married couple.

Every few weeks, one of us would end up sleeping on the couch. Not really the ideal way to start a marriage. After complaining about this to my colleagues for months on end, they finally convinced me that I need to do something about it.

So two weeks ago, after returning from vacation, Matt and I entered the world of adulthood and bought a big kid bed. After spending 2 hours in Sleepys, testing out nearly ever mattress, we decided on a Serta. We were having trouble deciding whether or not we should get a spring or tempur-pedic mattress. This one has a spring mattress with a tempur-pedic pillow top – the perfect solution.

The sheep was really the biggest selling point for me. Unfortunately it wasn’t until after we purchased the bed that I realized he didn’t come with it.

Matt made a big push for us to upgrade to a King. Although our bedroom isn’t really big enough to reasonably fit a bed this size, his argument that 90% of the time we spend in our bedroom is in the bed was pretty convincing.

So now we have a room with a bed in it –  a lot of bed!


Oh yeah… and some bikes. Isn’t city living the best?

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