Where we were growing up my parents social circle pretty much centered around the Bedford Bluffs Swim and Tennis Club. We spent every single day at the Bluffs during the summer and nearly all of my childhood memories include playing in the pool, dreading the tennis lessons that my dad signed me up for, or the intense games of tennis baseball that took place in the field. One of the families that we met during these times were the Tylers. I honestly had never met a family like this.

  • They were the first family that we knew to get in-ground sprinklers. After having them installed, they promptly invited us over to put on our bath suits and run through them.
  • Their house had cathedral ceilings in the living room, which they saw as a reason to get the largest Christmas tree at the tree farm. I remember going over and watching Mr. Tyler stand on what seemed like a 100 foot later to try to put the star on top.
  • Before lobster bakes, we would have lobster races across their living room floor.
  • When our families got together for dinner, the meal was always followed by an “acrobatic show” put on by their two children, Abby and me. Inevitably the night ended with me in tears due to some “injury” I had suffered during the show.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tyler ALWAYS won the mixed doubles tennis tournament at the end of the summer. That pretty much made them celebrities in New Hampshire.
Abby and I trick-or-treating with Andy Tyler

Unfortunately, when I was about 7 the Tylers moved to Florida. This was before the days of email and instant messenger so we slowly fell out of touch with them. We would occasionally get Christmas cards and eventually Abby and I became Facebook friends with their daughter, however that was as close as we go to having a reunion.


The first night in Telluride we went to “there…” an AMAZING restaurant that opened nearly two years ago in Telluride. We sat down at the bar, ordered a delicious cocktail and took in the very cool atmosphere. After about 5 minutes the young guy who was running around the restaurant, taking orders, chatting with the locals and bringing out plates of incredible looking food stopped to ask how our drinks were. I responded by saying, “This drink is so good. It almost makes up for the fact that you dislocated my elbow one time.”

That stopped him in his tracks. At first he thought I meant on the ski slopes but I said “nope. It was when I was 6 years old. And it was probably after a long day of swimming at the Bluffs.” He had to think for a minute but then the light bulb went off.

His response, “I know who you were… did you cry a lot when it happened?” It was clear from that moment that he knew who I was.

there… is owned by none other than “Tyler” – the son of the Tylers (who now goes by his last name ). The story would be a lot better if I hadn’t known this; however, due to the powers of Facebook, I knew this and talked to his sister ahead of time.


Our meal was amazing and the service was incredible. We probably looked like we hadn’t eaten in days by the amount of food that we took down, but everything that came out of the tiny kitchen was so good that we just had to keep ordering more. In the end, this was the damage:

spicy tuna shashimi tosados
pork & crab steamed buns
chicken & kobe beef meatball skewers
brussell spouts (probably the best I’ve ever had)
potatoes bravas
pork ribs
a dessert plate with of apples with real maple syrup, strawberries & cream, and oreos topped with a spoonful of ice cream

It goes without saying that we left with very full bellies. I honestly can’t recommend it enough – and I’m not just saying that because I had my first childhood crush on the owner. If you are ever in Telluride, it is a can’t miss spot.



Finally we arrived!

Telluride sits within a gorgeous box canyon in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. The drive in is incredible and seems to get better and better the further in you go.

We found our home for the next 4 nights, Hotel Telluride and checked in. The hotel is tucked just off the Main Street and captured the rustic lodge as only a ski resort can.

The location was perfect. We could walk to everything in town: restaurants, hikes, mountain biking, etc. and the people who worked there went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect. It is funny, I felt like everyone who lived in Telluride was so proud of their small town and they wanted to make sure that you, as a visitor, had the best experience ever and took advantage of everything that the town has to offer. Well, the town and people of Telluride certainly won Matt and I over.

We filled our days with incredible adventures and went to bed every night exhausted. But more on that later…

A Mother’s Work is Never Done

In order to get to Telluride, Matt and I had to drive more than 6 hours from Denver. Technically we could have flown into Telluride, however it was much more expensive and would have complicated things since we were flying out of Denver on the way home. So, we decided to drive.

Neither of us were really bothered by this. We don’t have a car now and never spend much time in a car. Really the longest car rides we have taken in the past year have been in the taxi to the airport. And let’s face it – the scenery on the drive to Telluride was going to beat anything we could see on a drive in NY! Plus, in high school (the last time I had a car) I was known to do some of my best sing-along singing in the car . So, not only were we not bothered, we were kind of excited.

See – doesn’t Matt look excited?
Road Trip Supplies

Unfortunately, some people — I won’t name names — were less excited about all of this driving. It seems as though even though I’m nearing 30, the thought of me and my husband driving 362 miles is just too much for my mom some people. I guess the fact that in high school I fell asleep while driving (on the highway) to swim practice will haunt me forever.

I’m happy to report that after a quick lunch stop in Leadville (home of the Leadville 100 featured in Born to Run) to visit one of Matt’s college buddies, we made it to Telluride in one piece.

Not only did we take in some incredible sights during the drive, but Matt even got to enjoy some of my fabulous singing along the way!