A Quick Stop in Denver

So even though Colorado is awesome, some people might be wondering why we decided to take our trip there. A simple answer: Mumford and Sons. Oh yeah, and our friend Ryan.

Let me explain.

Back in July we got an email from one of our friends. Here is what it said:

Dear Friends, 

Do you have plans for Labor Day Weekend?  If not, please consider this – and email me if you are interested (or not):

What:  Trip to Aspen, CO – Concerts

  • Sugarland (Friday)
  • Steve Miller Band (Friday)
  • Mumford & Sons (Saturday)

Jazz Aspen Snowmass

When: Friday, August 31st – Sunday, September 2nd.

Why? Well, it would be a lot of fun.  It would also be a great time to celebrate Ryan’s 30th birthday (a month late…we just didn’t have any free summer weekends til this one!)


Here’s my response, sent about two minutes after receiving this email:


This looks ridiculously awesome. Matt and I are totally in (I say this without having talked to him but I know he feels the same way). You win wife of the year for putting this together!!!!


Then three minutes later, Matt sent this:

Hahaha, like Molls said, we are definitely in if it happens. Let us know if you need help with anything.

While we definitely wanted to be there to celebrate Ryan’s Birthday, I have to be honest, when I read Mumford and Sons, I was sold. Anyway, Matt and I decided to make a bigger trip out of it and go out a week early for some outdoors fun. Matt, who always takes on the role of travel agent for our vacations (and I must say, does an AMAZING job) again, took the lead on this one. After a lot of research and a few consultations with our friends he came up with a killer itinerary:

Friday: Fly into Denver

Saturday morning: Drive the 6 hours to Telluride

Stay in Telluride Saturday – Wednesday

Wednesday: Drive to Aspen

Wednesday & Thursday: Stay in downtownAspen

Friday: Meet up with our friends in Snowmass

Monday:  Fly home

Since we were getting in on the later side to Denver on Friday, Matt asked me if I minded just staying near the airport. It would save us time and money and since we were there for less than 12 hours, he figured it didn’t matter.Well, unfortunately, I had other thoughts. I had never been to Denver so I thought it might be nice to stay in the city, at least so I could see it. So like the good husband that he is, Matt booked us a hotel in the city.

Well, let me just say, it is a good thing that he did. On the drive from the airport to the city, Matt and I almost died. No, not from a car accident… from the terrible smell that blankets the entire 5 mile radius around the airport.Nope, not jet fuel or something from the airport. The whole area smells like shit – literally. And no, I am not making this up.

There is even a term in urban dictionary about it: Smells like greeley.

We stayed in the Warick Hotel, which would be a great place for anyone to stay if they are looking to do a longer trip in Denver. It had a historic feel to it but had undergone some really nice renovations. there is even a roof top pool that overlooks the city. Unfortunately by the time we checked in it was closed and we left the hotel a little early so we didn’t have a chance to get up there.

I’m happy I had a chance to see Denver. Honestly, just from a quick drive through the city, I wasn’t able to see what all the hype is about. Especially when both of the breakfast places that were recommended to use had ridiculously long lines at 9am! I mean, in NYC, restaurants aren’t even open yet at that time, let alone have a long line! However, once we started driving outside of the city, it was easy to see why people find it such a great place to live.

Up next – Telluride!

Packing at 7am

It is no secret that sometimes Matt and I spread ourselves too thin. However, this isn’t anything different from most of our friend, especially those who live in New York City. During August this was definitely to case.

The weekend after Matt’s Ironman, we took a trip up to Cape Cod to visit with some of Matt’s high school buddies. It was an awesome weekend and we all left making a pact that we would “make it an annual thing.” I’ve always wanted to be those people who got together with their friends every year and did something awesome. Unfortunately, when we were growing up, swimming limited a lot of vacations/trips that we could take as a family as recently, wedding have seemed to dominate our social calendars. I am really hoping that we make the time for this. These are people I want to have in my life for many years to come and, let’s face it, an excuse to visit Red Sox Nation and stay in this incredible house isn’t a bad deal.

We returned to work the next week, relaxed from our weekend and feeling a little more in touch with our New England roots.

The start of my week was pretty typical:

Monday – work then spinning with the Robin Hood marathon team
Tuesday – work then team run in Central Park with the marathon team
Wednesday – work then errands after work that included a trip to lululemon some new clothes for our trip!

Thursday Matt and I went to a charity event in support of the Cancer Research Institute. One of our friends is a member of the young philanthropic council and it is a great organization to support.

It was a lot of fun but we got home late that night and a result, we started packing for our 10 day trip at 7am on Friday. We weren’t flying out till Friday evening but we both had to work, which meant we had to get ready for work and pack in about 1 hour. Here’s a visual of what that looked like.

Matt’s suitcase
my suitcase

I’d argue that it looks like one of us handled this challenge a little better.