Winner Winner – Panera Dinner

I’m pleased to announce that I have a winner from the Panera gift card giveaway.


Drumroll please…


The winner is none other than my fabulous sister Abby!

I know, I smell a scandal too. But trust me, it was fair and square. I used fancy software to pick the winner and everything!* But let’s face it, even if I hadn’t – Abby probably deserved to win more than anyone else who entered and here is why:

1. She actually goes to Panera on a fairly regular basis

2. She is a swim coach (i.e. she could use the money)

3. When I visited Abby she brought me to Panera for breakfast 3 times in a row!

4. She visited me when I worked at Panera

5. She drive 5 hours each way to watch Matt compete in the Ironman

6. She brought Matt 2 12 packs of his favorite beer ever: Fat Tire

7. She looks just like me!

8. Her younger sister got married before her, she needs this people!

9. Her dog, Bexley is a big fan of the bear claw

10. She is trying to kick her Starbucks habit – what better way then to switch to Panera!

So in the end, Abby was destined to win.


*Full disclosure — after writing this, I was curious to re-read Abby’s comment to see what she said was her favorite thing to eat at Panera. I was shocked to see that she didn’t even enter the contest! I had added her name into the computer system because I assumed my ONLY sister would enter my first even blog giveaway! Talk about rigged!

2 thoughts on “Winner Winner – Panera Dinner

  1. My mom won something?!?! It’s funny because she doesn’t even remember reading a post about a gift card giveaway (clearly she would have entered if she read the post) but now she feels guilty and thinks there should be a re-draw so one of your more faithful readers can win….

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