Staying Put

After looking at more than a dozen apartments in Brooklyn, Matt and I have come to the decision that we are going to stay in our current apartment for another year. While I am disappointed that we won’t have a new neighborhood to explore and a new home to decorate, I know that it was the right decision.

It seems like every day there is a new article written about the crazy rental/real estate market in New York and Brooklyn is certainly not excluded from that. After seeing what was out there, Matt and I decided that our current place wasn’t so bad and we could handle it for another year.

So now the real fun begins: trying to rethink the current layout of our apartment. Particularly because Matt wants to incorporate an office/desk space for himself. I thought I was being generous by offering up my craft table, but apparently Matt isn’t good at sharing and needs an areas that is “all to himself.” Good luck finding that is our already packed one-bedroom apartment!

So I’ve turned my “When We Move to Brooklyn” pinterest board into “Redecorating.” First on our list – bedroom furniture. Any suggestions? We are trying to be a little more grown up than Ikea, but not quite ready for the maturity level (and money) it takes to shop at Pottery Barn!