Harvard to Homeless

There is a Lifetime movie titled “Homeless to Harvard.” Here is a brief summary:

At 15, Liz Murray finds herself living on the streets after her mentally ill, drug-addicted parents falter in their attempts to keep their family together. Instead of crumbling, the troubled teen clings to hope and determination, and works her way up and out of homelessness – all the way to Harvard University. This three-time Emmy-nominated film is based on an incredible true story.

And recently, another teen has gone from homeless and working as a janitor at her school will be enrolling in Harvard next fall.


Well, my story is a little different.

After attending Harvard and living in Boston for two years, I moved to New York City. My husband and I found a great one bedroom apartment to start our lives together and lived there for 3 years. We decided it was time for a change and began the process of looking for a new place to call home in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

After seeing more than a dozen apartments, some that were much too small, others that weren’t’ in the best location and too many that were too expensive – we’re starting to run out of time. The lease at our current apartment is up in 3 weeks. And while, in New York terms, 3 weeks is plenty of time to find an apartment, the option of renewing our list has officially passed. So we aren’t sure if we are able to stay there.

So in 3 weeks time, maybe I will take the opposite path from the two ladies above – I will have gone from Harvard to being Homeless. Good thing I know where all of the nice homeless shelters are in the city!