Falling Apart

Please forgive my absence over the past week. It is all because I am falling apart – literally.

Last Monday morning I woke up in Nantucket to the sun rising over the ocean. By Monday afternoon, I was laying on the doctor’s table at my dermatologist’s office getting “abnormal” cells removed. What I thought would be a simple procedure turned into 90 minute, 12 stitched and 2 weeks recovery. Yuck.

By Friday afternoon, I found myself in the dentist’s chair, getting my third wisdom tooth yanked out. Even though I was numb I was fully awake and conscious as my dentists pulled, drilled and pulled some more for a full 45 minutes. As th afternoon thunderstorms rolled through Manhattan, it made for quite the dramatic scene.

Matt spend the weekend in Las Vegas for his buddy’s bachelor party while I spent the weekend watching 3 seasons worth of Breaking Bad, doing arts and crafts and nursing myself back to health. Marriage is incredible.

So let’s all take a moment to blame Matt. Clearly it is his fault for my lack of blogging. Him and the fact that I am old and falling apart.

2 thoughts on “Falling Apart

  1. Boooo. Bad post. You should write about our anniversary again :), the Olympic trials, or something more happy.

  2. Hi
    Sure sorry to hear about all your problems. Hope things are better now. Keep us informed and we wish we were closer so we could do more.We will take our “moment” this evening.
    One more thing: you are talking to the wrong people about being old and falling part. Blog us in 60 years about those problems. Things can only get better. Keep smiling and we’ll be thinking about you.
    G-Ma and D-Pa

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